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The Data Protection 1998 – Implications For E-Commerce

Today the scope of e-commerce is increasing day by day. You have to give consumer data access so that the transaction can take place. People don’t want to share their personal information, as today many, are also misusing it.

Today everyone requires lots of information about everything, not only in e-commerce. For example, customers need information if there is ac for sale in Lahore. People can misuse data for various purposes.

To protect the data of users,  data protection came into existence. You can also call it data privacy. The state will decide what data protection policies it has and what you need to implement during an online business.

If you are not aware of data protection then, this article will help you build your awareness. It will help you with some of the data protection approaches and the data protection act.

Let’s Start!

Some Of The Approaches Are As Below:

1.) Self-Regulation:

Industry norms evolution and the evolution of voluntary compliance is data protection in the self-regulation approach. The US uses this approach.

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The amount of information collected by each company is responsible for its usage. It is responsible for making its guidelines depending upon the industry.

To maintain a privacy policy, the US has not introduced any legal requirement for e-commerce data. Due to this absence of privacy policies, companies in the US provide their assurance to the users by developing their privacy policies.

Many companies are promoting privacy practices and displaying web seals for data protection assurance.

2.) Government Regulation:

Government regulation is the best regulation each company can adopt. Strict privacy laws by European countries are a good thing. Directive 95|46|EC came into existence on 24 October 1995.

The directive protects the personal data of each individual. It came into existence in a form of the Data Protection Act in 1998 and started acting upon on 1 March 2000. It was a replacement for the Data Protection Act in 1984.

Inform the information commissioner, if you as a website owner, take any personal information. Everyone has to follow The Data Protection Act principles.

The Data Protection Act 1998:

1.) Fairley And Lawfully Procession Of Personal Data.

It says that you need to know what information they are taking. You should know where and for what reason your personal information is required, as it is essential for protecting your data.

You should know the details before allowing you to share your personal information, as it is essential to prevent it from being used illegally.

2.) Acquire Personal Data Only For Specified And Lawful Usage.

When you give your permission to use your personal information, you need to know if it is for the usage of lawful activities.

Do not allow the data collecter to use your data for any irrelevant or illegal purpose. Telling you the details of the reason why they require it is essential. They will be breaking the law if not.

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3.) Make Sure The Personal Data Is Adequate And Relevant.

No organization will require a piece of extra information. You need to be careful when proving the data. You should only provide adequate and relevant data and nothing in excess.

For example: When you fill the hospital form, they don’t ask you to fill ten more irrelevant forms. You are specific to the information they need.

4.) Make Sure The Personal Data Is Accurate And Up To Date.

The personal data the companies keep should be accurate and up to date. Outdated information of is of no use to the companies. It will also make the companies contact again and again to provide the updated information.

To avoid that, you should provide them with the correct data the first time. The information should also be free of error as the companies can process wrong information affecting you later. Re-check the data many times before finagling submitting it.

5.) Make Sure To Not Keep The Data Longer Than Required.

Companies and organizations should avoid keeping personal data for too long. It can cause people of the organizations to misuse it. It can also cause an unnecessary pile-up of information that no one needs in the future.

Some organizations require to keep information for a longer time, such as hospitals. It is an exception and does not comply with other companies.

6.) The Procession Of The Data Should Be Under This Act.

You can view your personal information whenever you want, except in specific circumstances. If you require the need to change it, you have to right to change it under this Act. You need to be aware of this Act to apply your rights.

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7.) Make Sure To Take Appropriate Measures Against Any Illegal Or Unauthorized Usage Of Personal Data.

Organizations have to protect their data from any illegal use of the hacker. They also have to protect the data from any loss as it is their personality to keep it safe.

If you get to know that your data is not secure, you can successfully take appropriate measures against any unauthorized usage of personal data.

8.) You Should Not Transfer Any Personal Data Outside The European Areas.

Organizations can not share personal data with another county. If they wish to do so, the other country must have similar policies as this Data Protection act. This way,  your data is not only protected within but also outside the European areas.

9.) The Bottom Line: The Data Protection Act 1998-Implications For E-Commerce.

This Data Protection Act is a blessing if you want to save your data from various people out there. All organizations should follow it, whether from outside the European areas.

Most people are unaware of the actions they can take against the misusers of their data. The people should also be aware so that they can take appropriate measures against any hacking through the help of the law.

This article will help you know the relevant importance of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Best of luck with the article about data protection!

Nisar AhmadAbout the Author:

Nisar Ahmad is the author of the above blog. He is a professional Guest Blogger of MediaHicon (deals in SEO & Web Services) and Electromart (ac for sale in Lahore). Apart from that, he loves to write blogs on valuable topics.

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