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The Evolution Of Online Digital Marketing

Surely the name of digital marketing or online marketing is familiar. But are you clear what that means? We notify you at this post.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing (or online marketing) includes all advertising and commercial actions and strategies that run on media and internet channels. This phenomenon has been applied since the 90s as a way to transfer offline marketing techniques to the digital world.

In line with the extraordinary development and evolution of digital technology, online marketing has experienced, in a progressive and very rapid change, both in the techniques and tools used (and in its complexity) and in the possibilities offered to the recipient. Let’s see how!

How Online Marketing Is Born: From Web 1.0 To Web 2.0?

At first, online marketing was based on web pages 1.0 and it became a translation of traditional media advertisements (television, radio, paper media …) to the first web page, which did not allow two-way communication with users. Advertisers control the message completely and limit it to expose it to the audience.

In addition, stage 1.0 web publicity is limited, in most cases, to reproducing showcases of products or services in the form of online catalogs. Even so, this type of advertising has shown interesting properties, such as the potential for universal reach, the possibility of updating content and combinations of text, images and, little by little, also multimedia formats.

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But, in a few years, the revolution has arrived. The frenzied technological developments allow for the massive introduction of high-level internet. Web 2.0 was born and, with it, marketing 2.0 (as is also known as digital marketing or online today). And often changes!

Since then, it has become possible for all users to share information easily thanks to social networks, forums or platforms, allowing the exchange of almost instantaneous pieces that were previously impossible, such as photos and videos.

The internet has become more than a means of searching for information and becoming a large community. Today, networks are only understood as a means of exchanging information in two directions. Therefore, total and fundamental feedback between brands and users, with the pros and cons needed.


Online Marketing Plan Template:

Digital Marketing Tool:

Digital marketing is ready to help us with a very diverse set of tools from which they can be made from small actions at zero costs to complex (and obviously more expensive) strategies where you can combine many techniques and resources.

This is the main one:

1.) Web Or blog:

Without a doubt, websites or blogs are the two main tools for concentrating digital marketing campaigns or in other words, digital strategies to attract users and turn them into customers through the generation of valuable and unobtrusive content.

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However, the use of the web or blog as the main axis does not imply exclusivity, but vice versa. It is possible to use, in a complementary or parallel way, other digital actions to provide greater visibility to campaigns: social networking, video platforms or forums, etc.

Once you are clear whether you want to have a website, blog or both, keep in mind that you have to make another decision. For example, what domain you will use, where you will host your page, how the site architecture will be, what content you will have, how you will create it, what techniques will you use to get users to reach your page and so on .

2.) Search Engines:

Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, are tools that allow Internet users to find content related to what they are looking for.

In order to be able to successfully position the page or blog at the top of the search engine and get visitors, it is important to take organic positioning (SEO) or payment (SEM) actions in your online marketing strategy.

3.) Display Ads:

This is the most traditional branch of digital marketing. This can be considered as a digital media billboard. These are advertisements (banners) of various sizes and formats (text, images, graphics, videos …) that occupy space on internet sites in an interesting and striking way.

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Email marketing may be the most veteran tool but it is still effective in knowing how to adapt to change and its ability to work in combination with other strategies, such as tin tracking and nutrition (leading parenting).

Email marketing can be done on its own database or third parties, from which messages are generated in the form of bulletins, bulletins, catalogs, courses, etc.

4.) Social Networking:

This platform, as you know, has continued to grow and gain popularity since the advent of digital marketing. In addition, they have been able to adapt perfectly to changes and user demands and consumer habits.

A very effective social network for the dissemination of content, as well as for the creation of brand communities, branding and even online shopping, crisis management, and customer service.

In addition, in many of them (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) There is also the possibility of launching a segmented online advertising campaign, which can be a good complement to any online strategy.

Digital marketing is what revolutionizes the global business world. The internet is the only reason why this revolution can occur. The internet is also the reason why so many games, even gambling games are facilitated by cyberspace without geographical restrictions. As you can find by clicking on online Deutschland.

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