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6 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies Every Company Must Use

It’s official!

Your website is the first storefront your customers will see when they’re looking for the products and services they need.

In an era where the internet rules almost all the aspects of a consumer’s world, you need to market your products and services via a medium that is most likely to attract the customer’s attention. And, the best way to make that happen is to use a series of digital marketing strategies. Hire the services of an expert SEO company that can design the optimum digital campaigns to place your company and its products where customers can find them easily. These moves including designing great audio-visual media, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and social media marketing. Digital advertising experts also use tools like mobile marketing and content marketing. Further, they are adept at understanding how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an effective tool for getting clicks and customer traffic.

Marketing statistics gathered by the HubSpot report that 81% of potential customers search for options online before making a final purchase. Even if you’re targeting local customers, at least 72% of consumers are likely to check out the offerings on online stores before visiting their physical location.

Given the impact of the internet, every company needs several digital marketing strategies to convert visitors into actual buyers and develop that all-important edge over the competition. Read ahead to understand some of the most important ones you absolutely need.

1. Get A Custom YouTube URL:

Having a YouTube video ranking in the top pages of Google and Bing is a sureshot strategy to get traffic for your website. The higher the rank, the better will be your chances of getting clicks. The top YouTube video earns close to 34% of the clicks while the second follows close behind with 20% of the clicks. The SEO company Irvine that you work with can create a compelling video complete with graphics, music, and other elements that introduce your products in the best possible light. The attractive audio-visual display can entice your customers to visit your physical store or place orders.

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2. Content Marketing:

High-grade content is the best digital marketing strategy that you cannot go wrong with. According to Statista, content marketing scores 20% as having the maximum impact on customers for businesses in the US. Not only can you talk about the products you’re selling, but also explore what the industry is all about. Use your content to touch an emotional cord within the audience by showing that you understand and recognize their needs. Content marketing can also establish you as an authority in your field. Most important, by connecting your content to social media sites, you encourage dialog where customers can talk about their experiences with using your products and services.

3. Social Media Marketing:

It is an established fact that customers like to read reviews from past users of a particular product when considering their purchase. And, social media channels are one of the first places they look. By creating accounts on these channels and advertising your products, you develop awareness for your brand, promote customer engagement, and build a list of potential leads. Social media barons like Facebook have a whole range of tools that you can use as digital marketing strategies. Some of them even help you reach out to the precise target audience that is most likely to purchase your products.


4. Mobile Marketing:

If you’re looking to remain in touch with your customers while they’re on the go, you absolutely need mobile advertising as one of your digital marketing strategies. Mobile marketing involves creating and posting customized ads specially created for viewing on mobile devices including cell phones, tablets, or any other. Considering that users spend more than 40% of their internet time using a mobile device, here’s an extremely effective medium to connect with your customers. While the best strategy is to post ads on social media sites, you can also make sure your website is optimized for the small screen and has an interactive app that captures and holds the viewer’s attention.

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Like this feature on AdWeek explains, the latest in mobile advertising is location-based marketing where the ad caters to customers looking for the precise location where they can buy a specific product or service.

5. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) emerged as one of the first digital marketing strategies and despite the emergence of a whole new range of tools, it continues to be as effective as ever. And, that’s because SEO attracts search engines to your content and website and places it on search pages where users can find it easily. Of course, this marketing tool has evolved a great deal and you now have additional integrated tools like Google Adwords campaigns, Pay-Per-Click, Third-Party search marketing, Long Tail keywords (LSI)s, and various others.

6. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) works in the background of customer activities making their search processes much easier. And, in this way, makes it easier for them to find your products and services. For instance, AI can anticipate your taste in music and movies when showing results for entertainment. This digital marketing strategy can also detect the kind of products customers are likely to look for and display a range of possible keywords they can choose from.

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AI can perform all of these functions and more by recognizing your search patterns and tracking your activities as you surf through the internet. These activities can include clicks, page views, purchases, time you spend on specific pages, forms you fill with your email ID and other information, shares, and various others.

Digital Marketing Strategies – Essentials for the Success of Every Business

Whether you have an established business or a startup, by using these marketing strategies, you can ensure the long-term success of your enterprise by increasing sales through better customer engagement. From time to time, you can use various SEO tools to test the effectiveness of your digital campaigns and tweak them accordingly to the responses you’re receiving. It is understandable that designing and running effective digital marketing strategies can be a time-consuming and complicated task that is best left to the professionals. Hire the services of an expert team to deal with the advertising and divert your attention to other aspects of running your company. You’re sure to taste success as your comprehensive efforts pay off.

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  1. Like this feature on AdWeek explains, the latest in mobile advertising is location-based marketing where the ad caters to customers looking for the precise location where they can buy a specific product or service.

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