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Being A Woman In Business: A Student’s Perspective

Women’s success in business is guaranteed if she uses her advantages. In the meantime, women doubt and think about whether a woman and business are compatible, and so the years will pass. How true is the opinion that this is not a woman’s vocation? You can start from something simple such as to write a research paper for money or sell your old clothes.

In fact, there are many stereotypes that do not allow contemporaries into the business. And if, in the 19th century, they believed that: a woman is not able to learn, to engage in politics, etc. Then in the 20th century, other images appeared. After all, we live in the 21st century and can draw conclusions from the past, as well as the fact that ladies today are educated, talented, diversified, want to self-realization and not give up on their vocations.

What Are The Advantages Of Women?

As they say, male logic is more correct, but the female is more interesting. And even this may well become an argument in business, where the ability to act outside the box and unexpectedly often becomes the determining factor. In addition, many quite serious and academic studies confirm that females are doomed to business success due to such qualities: emotional flexibility and adaptability; patience, endurance, tact; interpersonal skills; responsibility and purposefulness; intuitiveness, ability to predict the development of the situation.

Women are able to notice more details, they notice and remember shades of human reactions better, they create emotional contact more easily. Therefore, traditionally “women’s” areas of entrepreneurship – services, trade, design.

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10 Advantages Of A Woman For Business Success

1.) Adaptability:

Women adapt quickly. It was the lady who was able to quickly reorient and adapt to new market conditions. They can quickly mobilize and act despite situations. Men are more difficult to adapt and experience emotions with a late reaction, keep them inside themselves and exhaust the nervous system. However, the statistics of cardiovascular diseases speaks about it.

2.) Prudence:

The woman is prudent and thoughtful. And this is nature laid down quality to save offspring. Such caution can inhibit the rapid and rapid growth of the business, but on the other hand, it contributes to its more even development, avoidance of dubious, risky transactions. This is important for business security and profitability.

3.) Flexibility:

Women are psychologically flexible, not just physically. Flexibility and adaptability, skill costs small, bolder in the choice. Find solutions by means that they have at hand now, where it would have seemed impossible to find.

If she needs to find out some information, then the woman will not be embarrassed, and without complexes, she will turn on “blonde”. Most successful businesses, women were able to create just because of this quality. They were assisted by the men for free and with pleasure, they ran through the necessary circles and tried to give support.

4.) Cooperation:

Women like to work in a group, team, men prefer to solo in it. They prefer to solve matters peacefully, to find compromises. The atmosphere of the space in which it is located is important to the woman. Peace-loving nature – a competitive advantage for women in business, not only for customers but also for partners. Therefore, in positions where there is work with people, we would rather see a woman than a man. For example, staff officers are much more than men.


5.) Emotionality:

Women feel people. The marketing of a new time is an effect on emotions. It is because of their emotionality that ladies are able to establish trusting relationships not only with employees but also with clients. This helps her to make useful contacts, establish long-term and trusting relationships, and increase sales. Natural curiosity helps women to be interested in many things, and sociability – to exchange information.

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6.) Intuition:

Women have developed intuition. What helps to quickly build a strategy and define goals in a difficult moment or in conditions of lack of information. Men rely on rules and logic. Based on their logic, women quickly find a shortcut between a problem and a solution.

7.) Thoroughness:

Women are scrupulous. Yes, they are used to cramming and working, to hone every little thing. And although there is no male scope, globalism, it is precisely the scrupulousness that helps women to always be afloat. Women’s strategy to move step by step, preservation of the existing, rechecking – do not give a quick take-off, but protect the created and the existing. The combination of sensitivity and “accounting” attention to detail, the ability to “enter into trust” make women’s business sustainable.

8.) Empathy:

Women can empathize with other people’s feelings. They know how to capture the condition of people. They are able to read the needs of other people and propose solutions or look for ways to change the situation together. Such qualities are very important in the areas of serving the needs of people, in trade and marketing.

9.) Learning:

Women love and can learn, easily recognize what they do not know. They enjoy attending educational programs, trainings, courses.

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By increasing the level of knowledge, self-confidence is ensured, but besides that, like-minded women are still there. By the way, women are happy to join trade unions, clubs and are ready to share their experience and knowledge with others.

10.) Punctuality:

Women are more punctual than men. This is manifested in their attitude to finance, with tax, banks and investment companies. This gives a number of advantages and trust if necessary, to apply to such structures.

How Can Women Achieve Business Success?

In business, the woman can apply her purely feminine qualities. Let’s remember that creativity, inspiration, intuition are all feminine qualities, energies. What is important for a woman to remember, so for more earthly energies, to be grounded in order to produce a result. And then there will be more confidence, sustainability, and concentration. As you can see, women have enough qualities that you can use in business. More boldly discover your potential, invest it in your business, without looking at the opinions of others.

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