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Reasons To Start Planning Your Migration To Magento 2

The arrival of Magento 2 has been discharged and sometime you should move your present site from the old variant of Magento to the most current stage Magento 2. In this article, we have assembled such suggestions and methodologies, which will be valuable both in arranging the movement and straightforwardly in its execution.

Reasons For Switching To Magento 2:

The main reason for migrating to the Magento 2 platform is that Magento 1 is no longer an object of attention to Magento Inc.

Magento Inc. will no longer invest in the development of Magento 1, nor will it expand its functionality or implement any modern technical solutions.

In order to speed up your decision making, we will briefly list the main improvements and advantages of Magento 2:

  • The speed of operation is increased both on the administrator’s side and on the client’s side.
  • The usability of both the administrator’s and client’s zones has been increased.
  • Updated stack of used technologies.
  • Implemented full page caching in both Community and Enterprise versions.
  • Improved (to the level of advanced) ordering process.
  • The code is fully covered by automatic tests.
  • Magento 2 is 25% faster for the end-user, and adding items to the cart is 52% faster than on the Magento 1.x platform.
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Magento 2 is capable of displaying up to 10 million catalog pages per hour against 500,000 pages per hour for Magento CE 1.9.x or Magento EE 1.14.x versions.

Thus, taking into account the information provided, we recommend you to start planning the migration to the Magento 2 platform in the near future.

Magento 2 is the future of e-commerce and a new generation of first-class software for it.

Magento 2 might find that basic order management tools are not enough for efficient store operation. If there is a need to set a custom numbering for order-related Documents in Magento 2, the default version of the eCommerce platform doesn’t provide such ability.

Step 1: Create A Migration Plan.

The time frame for this stage: 2-3 weeks.

At this stage, it is necessary to prepare a set of documents necessary for migration planning and website development on the basis of Magento 2:

The migration plan (contains details of migration).

Project specification (in case of additional functionality for Magento 2 needs to be developed).

Project plan (to plan the time for each stage of migration).

Step 2: Preparation Of The Test Environment.

The time frame for this stage: several days.

It is prescribed to play out each phase of relocation and advancement of every single related undertaking in a different domain (on a different server), so your present store will work in a similar mode with no interferences identified with the movement procedure. At this stage, you ought to set up the test advancement condition and introduce the standard Magento 2 (Community or Enterprise), just as set up the rendition control framework (GIT/SVN) so that everything is prepared to begin the undertaking.

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Installation of modules and development of specific functionality


Step 3: Install Modules And Develop Specific Functionality.

The time frame for this stage: 2-3 weeks.

Next, we will move forward in accordance with the previously approved migration plan and project specification:

Replace all Magento 1.x modules with analogs for Magento 2.x.

We will develop our own modules or implement additional functionality for Magento 2 (if necessary).

Data migration in Magento 2

Step 4. Data Migration.

The time frame for this stage: a couple of days.

At this stage, it is important to move the information from your Magento 1.x database to the Magento 2 database.

As referenced above, there is an authority computerized utility that rearranges the information movement process however much as could be expected. You can discover more data about this utility here, as it enables you to move just the information that was at first present in Magento (everything except media records and access control designs).

Step 5: Create A Theme For Magento 2.

The time frame for this stage: 2-3 weeks.

As mentioned earlier, the themes for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x platforms are incompatible. It is impossible to copy the current Magento 1.x theme to Magento 2 and use it.

As a solution to quickly launch a project on Magento 2, we recommend that you adapt the Luma theme (from Magento 2) in the desired way.

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Step 6: Planning The Publication And Additional Database Synchronization.

The time frame for this stage: several days.

After the final testing of the code and verification of the ready solution, the moment of publishing the project comes.

Before publishing, it is recommended to buy a Magento 2-compatible hosting or set up your own dedicated server according to the new system requirements for Magento 2.

Step 7: Publish A Magento 2 Based Store On A Live Server.

The time frame for this stage: a few days.

The last stage of the project migration is the publication of your Magento 2 based store at a convenient time for customers under the supervision of the developers.

If everything is done correctly and according to plan, you will eventually see your new Magento 2 based store running in a reasonable amount of time.

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