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A Checklist On How To Find The Best Mobile Application Developers Today

When it comes to mobile applications for a business or any other organization, finding the right partner is more important than saving a few hundred or thousand dollars in building a product.

Nowadays, the world grow faster with digitization in the web market via websites. A business could move ahead from the regional market to the worldwide market. This could happen with the right mobile application. Businesses today are making full use of mobile devices and mobile applications, particularly for the iOS app development language to stay ahead of the competition. The demand for iPhone apps programmers continue to be relevant as more and more enterprises as well as individuals are turning to their smart devices to do business.

What To Look For In An Application Developer:

    1. Find a developer who is interested in the business, not only the development. A good development service provider must be able to not just guide a company through the development process, but also provide a creative input that’s based on their experience with similar applications. The good ones are aware of what works and what won’t work on the app store because they have worked with a lot of clients already.
    2. Consider the price but don’t make it key. Basing the partnership on price alone is the same as going to a discount market and getting the cheapest food. It would sustain but the taste of it would not be to one’s liking. Fur a business and a mobile app to be successful, it requires a great product that could sustain long-term growth as well as provide reliable services from the beginning.
    3. Create a list of suitable companies, check the references and portfolio. Finding a mobile app development company, or even a freelance app developer is a lengthy process if taken seriously. However, a checklist would do wonders to streamline the process and to ensure that the mobile app developer would not only meet but will exceed expectations. Assess the portfolio. A good developer should also have excellent UX skills. When checking out the portfolio, keep an eye on beautiful looking applications with excellent user interfaces. Keep in mind, sixty percent of the app is about how a user interacts with it. Check the websites of prospective service providers, the qualifications of the development teams, technical skills, soft skills, level of interest in the project and more.
    4. Set up one-one-one meetings and brief the shortlisted service providers. After going through the list of potential candidates, shortlist those that are likely to deliver the results desired. Make a brief as it is the starting point for cooperation. Providing perspective, a mobile app developer with a detailed brief of what’s expected will help and in turn they will understand I they could help and actually interested in the project itself. A detailed briefing of mobile application developers eliminate any assumptions and would remove the guesswork out of the equation.


  1. Choose a developer that the company could build a relationship with. Mobile application development is not a one-time activity. Applications have to go through a lot of evolutions and cycles, based on constant feedback of a user. Find a developer who would stick with the company through the product lifecycle and would not abandon ship once the initial development is done and the application is hosted.
  2. Look for a mobile app develop interested in the idea. Some service providers are eager to only focus on the tech side of things. However, it’s not just about app development. A great mobile application developer must share with the client the experience they had in developing previous applications and help in narrowing down the list of features that the app should have to be successful. The key goal is to find a company, either in-house or outsource that truly identified with the app vision and objectives.
  3. Consider the whole package, not only the coding. Creating an app is not only about coding. It is also about building a functional design and thinking about the user experience. Do not choose an independent developer, unless a company already has access to a team that would perform the rest of the functions, such as design, testing and usability.
  4. Sign the contract only with the right application developer. Contract signing is the last step and a highly important decision, since there is no turning back without losing either money or time, or even both. From that point, the creation of the application is in the hands of the developers, but continued support and open communication on all issues are paramount.
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In today’s digital era, a mobile application is going to be a standard component of any business in the future. The choice a business makes today will set the foundation for the future of the business. It is up to the business owner or manager to decide the right mobile app developer to build an application that will derive the most ROI.

Dhrumit ShuklaAbout the Author:

Dhrumit Shukla has been working as Business Development Manager in a software development company named TatvaSoft since 5 years. He is profoundly skilled and well experienced in providing software development services on various technologies ranging from Microsoft .NET to JAVA, Salesforce, BizTalk, SharePoint, PHP, Open Source, iOS, Android, Pentaho and the list goes on.

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