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Top 10 Main Errors That Are Found After SEO Audit

Many modern CMS is focused on promotion on the Internet, but even they do not guarantee the complete absence of errors when creating or promoting a site.  If you are planning a site, or already engaged in the promotion, but do not see the result – pay attention to the errors in optimization. In addition, it is possible to check your SEO status online with E-Commerce dashboard.

1.) Lack Of Content:

The position of the page in the search engine output is influenced by the content. Not only the keywords but also the context in which the keys are written. Pages with little text content can be considered poor quality and lower in the output.

Optimal is to place on page 1 800 – 2 000 characters (approximately 300 words). Such an amount is easy to read by the user, and it is sufficient for search engines. But this is not a strict requirement – you can write more.

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2.) A Large Number Of Broken Links On The Site:

While bypassing the site, the search robot clicks on each link. Users while visiting the site also use links. If some internal or external links do not work, it will slow down the indexing of the site, lead to errors and impair behavioral characteristics.

3.) Duplication Of Tag H1 On The Page:

Tag h1 is the main page header, it should reflect the essence of the page and be present once.

Sometimes a maker or content manager may make a mistake and apply the tag several times. Such a page will be considered as reoptimized – it will be lowered in the output.

4.) There Is No Description On This Page:

A description is not a direct factor in ranking sites. But the content in the meta tag description can be displayed on a page of search engine output as a description of your site. This can be seen more often on Google.

5.) Alternative Text By Image:

Alternative text helps search engines to understand what is shown in the picture. This increases the relevance of the page to key queries and allows you to get traffic from your search by image.

It is important to specify alternative text for each image on the site. In this case, you need to moderately handle the keywords and apply relevant images.

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6.) Duplicates Of Content:

Duplicates of content on the site may appear for several reasons:

  • Plagiarism from other sites;
  • Errors in CMS settings, in which the site engine creates multiple links for one page.
  • Incorrect settings of search and sorting pages.

You can determine the presence and number of takes in the webmaster console in Google. If there are many takes, you need to determine the cause of their appearance and correct the error.

As a rule, such errors are made at the design stage of the site. They can make it difficult or expensive to promote the project.

7.) Encrypted Connection Via HTTPS:

Three years ago, Google employees announced that the presence of https encryption on the site, with all other conditions being equal, will allow getting higher positions.

Now more and more sites are switching to a secure connection. This is especially true for E-Commerce and other projects, which provide for the exchange of confidential data with users.

It is necessary to set up an encryption protocol. The certificate is inexpensive, in addition, there are opportunities to get it for free. At certificate installation, it is necessary to adjust correctly 301 redirections.

8.) Long Headings On A Page:

Long headlines with keywords no longer work. Try to place no more than one keyword in the title, you can use refinements and synonyms. The title must be attractive and grammatically correct.

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9.) External Image Sources:

To publish an image on the site – you need to specify a link to the image. It is optimal to place the image on your hosting or dedicated hosting and put a link to it.

Sometimes as a source of the image is used a third-party site to which a link is placed. Copyright issues may not arise, but if you change or delete a photo on that site, it will change or disappear for you.

These are the basics of the work to promote the site. The systematic optimization of these factors will allow the site to rise higher in search engine output. For some positions, the site will go to the top. The further effect depends on the competition and the state of the site.

10.) Too Many External Links

As long as you’re linking to quality sites and it’s good for the user, you should be OK. But if you have too many outbound links pointing to low-quality or spammy sites, this can make Google suspicious.

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