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The Content You Post Is Important: Hire A Writer Who Provides Quality

The-Content-You-Post-Is-Important- Hire-A-Writer-Who-Provides-Quality
At a time when online presence is everything, there is nothing more important than the quality of the content you post to your personal or business blog.  Whether you are a business owner hoping to gain more presence with an industry-related blog or an online entrepreneur focusing on affiliate promotion, you need a solid writer.

How Have Content Requirements Changed Over Time?

Every year there are tweaks made to search engine ranking.  This can happen multiple times in one year, as seen during the early boom of Google when they were originally refining the rules of their search engine.  The myriad changes had writer’s heads in a spin as they fought to keep up with the shifting rules of the market.

These days, the rules are pretty well set, which means that writers can focus more on the content of their articles.  Where once it was easy to shove one article into spin software and come out with ten pieces of content to sell, they now have to focus on providing great articles every single time they leave the gate.  For businesses, this is more important than ever, as ranking has become a necessity for those who run online based sales.

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Quality, Length, And Evergreen Content:

All of this means that what we are posting is vital to our ranking.  Not only in terms of quality, but length as well!  After spinning was finally killed out (it still exists, but the majority of reputable businesses know to avoid the dangers involved) there came a period where quantity was desired.  Hundreds of short 150-350 word posts were spamming the web, stuffed with keywords and links.

Now, however, even this is frowned upon, with longer, more evergreen articles being given better scores by the almighty algorithms that rule the rankings.  That means that you need to hire a writer who will not only provide a voice that suits your company, but can dedicate themselves to providing longer, more solid articles that bring real value to your blog.  This, in turn, will help to bring greater value to your business as a whole, thanks to a strong online presence which can easily be credited for increased sales volume.


Great Rankings Require Outstanding Content And Continued Enthusiasm:

If you’re wondering what else a great writer can bring to the table, other than longer articles with meaningful content; they can also provide continued enthusiasm for the products you sell.  One advantage to having an outside view is having a more broad connection.  A great writer will be able to find the missed connections that can make your business shine in new areas.

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For example, did your business start making a move towards solar energy?  Be sure to let your writer know!  After all, improved sales are good, and green energy is a hit when it comes to consumer-friendly businesses.  Also, it is important to remember that green energy is still a very hot topic around the world, making it just one more ranking possibility for your blog.

By hiring a great writer, you increase your visibility, consumer-friendly scores, and rankings all in one go!  Be sure to take some time to evaluate your blog and decide if a professional writer is the best choice for your business.  I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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