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Writing An Article Vs. Writing A Blog Post: What’s The Difference?

There are so many people making money with the help of their writing skills these days. There’s so much content produced every day too. Under these circumstances, is it really that surprising that there are too many types of content and that sometimes people find it hard to understand how do these types differ?

Blog posts and articles are the things that probably confuse both clients and readers the most. They might look alike but they are actually very different. Understanding how exactly do they differ is important if you want to know what to expect from such posts. So let’s find this out.

What Is A Blog Post?

A blog post is something written by a blogger – a professional one or an amateur one. One of the best things about blog posts (and one of the main reasons why people like reading blogs in the first place) is that they are personal.

Personal blogging could mean different things. For example, a blogger can write only about things they actually know and like, be it stories of their lives, their own DIY tutorials, and so on. In this case, a blogger usually is the source of information.

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However, sometimes personal blogging also means that a blogger does some research and provides valuable data while voicing their opinion about it at the same time. In this case, a blogger isn’t the only source of information – however, they still give a nice personal touch to this information.

Stylistic Features Of A Blog Post:

Writing personal posts also means that the one who writes them sets their own limitations. For example, a blog post can be either big or small, written in the first person or in the third one. Their style differs a lot too. Some bloggers write informally, using slang and even smileys sometimes. Some, however, stick to a more formal style. Usually, it depends on a niche bloggers choose. Also, bloggers usually proofread their articles on their own or using a proofreading service.


What Is An Article?

Articles are usually written for websites (however, an article can be posted on a blog too). Their primary goal is to offer valuable information to the readers. This means that in order to make the article good, a writer has to study different informational sources, maybe even conduct a couple of interviews, ask experts for their opinion, and so on. While it isn’t obligatory, these things usually add value to the articles, so many clients ask for them.

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Stylistic Features Of An Article:

A couple of years ago articles were strictly formal. They were written in the third person only, no personal opinions were allowed, and their length was usually fixed (1000 words or more).

These days, however, things are a bit different. While the articles are still based on facts only, they could be written a bit informally and could include a personal opinion of some sort as well. Their length can vary too, though it’s hard to find an article containing less than 500 words. Article writers do basic proofreading of their texts but often these texts are also proofread by professional editors before posting.

Articles Or Blog Posts: What Should You Write?

Summing this up, articles are written to deliver information in the first place, while blog posts are written to deliver an impression. Most readers like articles for their value and blogs for their personal touch.

These days, however, the lines become more and more blurred. Bloggers start supporting their thoughts with various data collected from reliable sources, while article writers start adding a nice personal touch to the facts they write. Moreover, you don’t have to limit your writing to one type of content only. It’s possible for a blogger to write some articles for their blog along with classic blog posts. It is also possible for an article writer to start a blog or to simply write blog posts sometimes.

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However, knowing the difference between articles and blog posts is very important. Writers should know how to explain this difference to their clients because the prices for blog posts and articles differ a lot. The clients also should know why they might need to pay more for some types of written content and the readers need to know what to expect when they check out articles and blog posts.

Hopefully, this article will help clear this to you, making it easier to define blog posts and articles!

Kevin NelsonAbout the Author:

Kevin Nelson is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging.  Currently, Kevin works as a part-time writer for EliteEssayWriters. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking.

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