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Best & Easy To Use Content Management Systems (CMS) For Shopping Websites

If there’s one thing that shopping businesses have in common, it’s access to massive data as it helps them improve their selling proposition and cater to the demands of their customers. Content Management Systems (CMS) helps them find just the right platform to publish personalized and dedicated content that will appeal to their users which is important for online businesses that want to be successful.

Selecting an email hosting service is just one part of the equation. The bulk of the work that needs to be done starts with looking for a publishing and content creation platform that’s intuitive, creative, and easy to use. Having tools such as customer surveys, email newsletters, pricing elements, rule based calculators, product ratings, and other widgets that help enhance user experience also contribute to an eCommerce website’s success.

Here are some of Content Management Systems that experts highly recommend:



This is an open source eCommerce software that boosts content shops and online stores. It also offers content that customers can download without having to pay for a fee. Developes are given the freedom to tweak codes, enhance functionality, install extensions, and add various features through Magento Connect. This platform is an excellent option for those who wish to to optimize the back-end processes of their online business.

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This eCommerce platform is open source, free, and very easy to use. This platform supports various payment gateways such as Skrill, Paypal, Google Checkout, EBANX Checkout, and Netand. Prestashop offers training and eCommerce solutions that integrators, developers, and merchants can benefit from.


An open source eCommerce software that’s user-friendly and free. This website design software is developed by a team of business owners, designers, consultants and programmers so they know exactly what it is that their target market wants and needs. Zencart can be set-up and installed even by those who only have basic skills in building a website.


With more than ten years in the industry, OsCommerce is tagged as the pioneer of eCommerce solutions. This platform has over 12,800 sellers and webmasters from different parts of the world. They also have more than 7,000 add-ons on their library, plus a network of users, developers, and programmers that genuinely care about OsCommerce and its users.


This is basically eCommerce simplified. This platform gives you everything that you need for your eCommerce website. It has a worldwide currency support system, maintenance mode, and it comes with multilingual capabilities that make it so much easy to use.

There are so many shopping websites out there and the competition is so intense that having quality products is not enough. The website has to be designed in such a  way that it it immediately captures the attention of the customers and it has to have the capacity to convert site visits into sales. This is what these Content Management Systems are good at.

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