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How Yii Framework Development Helps Your Business Be Successful?

Modern business and its needs are radically changing in this rapidly pacing era, this is the reason for the lion’s share of businesses looks for a social site, a custom web app, web portal or an e-commerce website to run their business effectually. For developing such sites or applications, you need a cutting-edge PHP framework that eases business owner’s worries at the same time.

Take A Look At The Fundamental Problems That Proprietor’s Face Are:

Growing businesses encounter a series of different problems and demand different solutions. For ventures to identifying and resolve the common difficulties linked with the growth is vital if your business is to continue to survive and evolve.

  • High Cost of Development
  • Time to Develop the product
  • Time to Market
  • Rapid changes
  • Scalability
  • Security

To provide an innovative solution to these challenges and offer advanced configuration and competencies, all you need to do is choose an ideal PHP Framework development service. MVC Framework is the suitable PHP Framework Solutions, which configures legitimate and easy-to-handle code, possessing built-in security features and layered architecture. Various PHP Framework services accessible are Yii, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgnitor, Zend, etc. out of which Yii Framework is the most preferred one.

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What Is Yii?

For a marketer, Yii does the same work what a fulcrum does to structures. It’s a magnificent PHP Framework that benefits the business of any vertical hugely. The actual capability of Yii development is unsurpassed. It is a high-performance component-based PHP framework for developing large-scale web Applications. Model – View Controller based architecture, broadly used in web development, granting developer to perform an alteration to the User Interface (UI) and Data Access Layer in a systematic manner.

Reasons Why Prefer PHP Yii Framework For Your Business?

Greater integration with the industry standard CSS, and JavaScript framework like jQuery, Bootstrap etc. formed it as a child’s play to create a modern responsive design for our customers.

Rapid Development:

Yii helps us get web applications up and running in no time by generating all the basic CRUDS operations. Application personalization depending on customers’ obligation. Accomplishing the progress with agility and also aiding to maintain the app-design as per Yii’s recommendation, which guide to accelerated application development & retainment. Yii is one of the uttermost dynamic tools which avails you to rapidly create templating code for MODELS, CONTROLLERS, FORMS, CRUD controllers, etc.

Easy Data Migration:

Migration utility provides greater control over database alteration, serving us upgrade/downgrade application version on different installations. It provides a database migration tool that keeps a track-record of every migration.


Great Command Line Tools:

Yii equips with an extensive command line tool that assist us create complicated CRON jobs by utilizing already written application logic instead of writing it all again in the CRON jobs.

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Galore Of  Widgets And Third Party Components:

Huge widgets library means that we can get most of the common implementations of the front end functions and commands. Yii is unified with jQuery together with AJAX. Yii widgets grant numerous community provided codes for common functions. Yii is adept to work conveniently with third party codes & components. As an outcome, reduction in costs as well as reducing a lot of development effort that goes into perfecting front end.

Custom Theme Management:

Yii offers great support for theme management that helps in providing clients with a number of interface designs that can be switched on the fly to meet the customers’ prerequisites. Facility of swapping between the customized themes allows developers to implement interface designs quite effortlessly. Furthermore its a significant cost reduction from writing a generic theme structure.

Unit Testing Frameworks:

Out of the box integrations of unit testing frameworks avails us to get the better-tested application on the clients in a short time.

Data Cache And Performance:

Yii caching support is very handy with high traffic websites allowing to cache data that are not formatted briskly. Also, a stand-in interface for a distant cache system means that you can make changes to your caching mechanism just by adjusting the outline. With the amalgamation of diverse caching components in numerous scenarios, performance and thus the pace of a webpage are elevated, resulting lowered time to load pages.

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Security Standard:

Security is of the most symbolic importance. Yii is a web-app development framework with a soaring performance & demand due to its security. With numerous security measures acknowledged, Web-apps can be defended against the intrusions like SQL Injections, Cookie Tampering, and Cross-Site Scripting & Cross-Site Request Forgery.

Seriously, A Treasure Trove:

Are you a business entrepreneur having an existing website or are you toying with a web app idea?

Yuvraj JhalaAbout the Author:Yuvraj Jhala is working as a open source team lead at Azilen Technologies. He has vast years of experience in Open Source Technologies, enterprise development.

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