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JobSeekers Guide To Getting Noticed By Your Target Company – Infographics

It’s almost a certain fact that jobseekers, whether they are first-timers or ones looking for replacements for their current employment, already have a few target companies that they are aiming to work for. Their motivation for targeting these companies may include the position, the benefits given to full-time employees, the prestige that comes with the company name, the location, or even a combination of these. Whatever their reasons are, however, they are competing against other candidate that are aiming to get the coveted “Welcome to the company!” message.

This is a good thing for all jobseekers as it helps narrow down your job-hunting efforts. By knowing where exactly you want you work for, you are able to research more about the company, the exact job they are offering, as well as the feedback that former employees or clients may have for the company. This helps you better prepare yourselves for the application process, especially for the interview(s) that you may undergo.

However, the fact that the job market nowadays being oversaturated is a great threat for all jobseekers. It can be a little daunting for you and all jobseekers everywhere as there is very little assurance that you can stand out in the eyes of the hiring manager and get your application shortlisted.

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No matter how impressive your resume is or how flawlessly your interview had gone, it won’t matter if your competition also possesses these qualities. The competition in the job market today is extremely stiff that even the traditional advantages such as a good scholastic records or awards, or even a good record of work experience, do not simply suffice anymore. To truly stand out from the rest of the crop, it takes something else more that will convince the company you desire to work for to consider your application.

So, how do you get noticed by the HR managers of your target companies? Read this infographic to learn more:

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from PHIL.EXEQ.

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