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Pros And Cons Of Cloud-Based Software Systems (Infographic)

Multiple firms in the world have begun using cloud-based systems for their operations, allowing them to reap various benefits absent when using traditional systems. Included in the growing number of cloud-users is Australia’s business sector.

Around 85 % of Australia’s business sector uses cloud computing services, 60% use cloud to store their files, and 33 % of the entire sector use cloud-based systems. By resorting to the cloud, various companies finally have more efficient operations, larger storage capacities, and more improved accessibility.

Traditional data computing uses up both a computer’s storage and memory that slows down its performance, making the accomplishment of tasks more cumbersome and resulting in more data stored in the computer’s drives. Cloud computing, however, eases a company’s operations as it only necessitates a stable internet connection to function properly.

Without cloud storage, a company would have to rely on their computers’ hard drives to store their files. The average hard drive can hold from 160 to 500 gigabytes of data that the computer also uses to run its systems and supplementary storage devices can hold far less data than the hard drive. Cloud storage, on the other hand, can store from 10 to 100 million gigabytes of data that people can even access through their phones.

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Cloud-based systems are also regularly and automatically updated, eliminating the need for human intervention to update their systems. This matter is essential since receiving the latest features of a software becomes hassle-free.

Cloud-based have downsides too, however, especially on the technical aspects like power outages, problems on the devices accessing the cloud, and slow internet connections. There are also security risks as hackers can also access your business’s sensitive data resulting in data loss, data leaks, and account hijacking.

The security risk in using cloud can be remedied by using strong passwords, establishing firewalls, encrypting data, and setting up role-based access control that reduces the chances of inside jobs.


This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Bizprac

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