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‘No Strings Attached’ Internet – Why Pay For Something You Never Use?

Deals tend to get the best of most people! “Take an internet broadband and get a free land-phone” – that’s one deal most of us are familiar with. Since the land-phone comes for free, you take it. And then since it is there, you use it. Since you use it, you have to pay the bills too! But it came free, right? Well, the phone came free but the usage will obviously be charged! After a while, even if you do not use it, the ISP will start charging the rent as you are subscribed to it. The broadband bill comes over and above these.

The young generation has almost forgotten about the concept of land-phones. They are obsessed with the smartphones that come with fancy apps and gadgets and also with a convenient internet package. Smartphones are very handy and hence people rarely use land-phone though they are forced to take one along with their Broadband Internet, just because ‘it comes with a free land-phone’! But if you have someone too young or old to handle a cell phone, the land-phone comes very useful, in fact, it becomes a necessity then. Even if they cannot dial you, you can call up to check on them.

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Fibre Optics To The Rescue:

With fibre optics technology entering the broadband market, the ISPs are doing away with the land-phones. You really don’t have to take the land line if you do not require it with fibre optics broadband. What more is that you get the broadband cheaper as the ISPs do not have to spend on providing you with a land line. That is why ISPs like Bigpipe provide ‘No Strings Attached’ broadband plans. The new generation of Internet Service Providers who use fibre optics technology to provide broadband connection is able to attract more customers within a short time because of the concept of Naked Broadband. With naked broadband, the subscribers of broadband are not required to have a landline, which is a must for the conventional broadband. You can still use the land line though it works over the internet. The Voice Over IP technology takes over the traditional land phone which makes the phone much cheaper than the conventional land phones. But then, the land line is optional.

Another advantage of fibre optics is that you get a faster connection for cheaper rates. Fibre optics provide up to 1 Gbps fast broadband connection which is more consistent than the conventional broadband and it costs much lesser too. Though commercial users find fibre optics more useful, the residential uses of New Zealand have started liking them too. For a residential user, it may seem a little expensive compared to the conventional broadband. But the high speed and low occurence of signal-drop that come with the naked broadband make them a more likeable option for residences also. Those who depend on their internet for entertainment like online games, movies and social networking need the speed and consistency provided by the fibre optics based connections. Understanding the market of naked broadband among the residential users, many ISPs are now focusing on the home broadband sector.

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Most of the ISPs that use fibre optic cables are also providing broadband plans with no usage caps. You don’t even have to enter into a long-term contract for naked broadband. So it becomes a completely ‘No strings attached’ broadband connection.


Bundle Plan Vs Broadband Plan:

This is a catch 22 situation when you have to decide between a bundle plan against naked broadband. Some landlines come with a bundle plan where you pay for the landline rent, plus usage, plus broadband, plus TV also. Sometimes they also come with irresistible offers like free calls and cheap international calls which may be cheaper than naked broadband. So check the offers you already have in your bundle plan, compare it against the naked broadband plan you are considering and then only decide on which one to subscribe to. Usually, the bundle plans are to be paid upfront for 6 to 12 months.

Will Shifting To A Naked Broadband Affect My Rented House?

This is a valid question that comes to the tenant’s mind, especially if you have a difficult owner to deal with. The happy news is that there’s not separate set up to be done inside the house. The ISP has to set up the fibre optic cable network till outside your house. The copper wiring for your phone remains intact. The only difference you will see are that the calls will be routed via the broadband and sometimes the ISP charges a one-time installation cost apart from the subscription.

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To Sum It Up:

Fibre optics broadband is provided as naked broadband whereby the users do not have to subscribe to a landline. The landline can be retained and used with a VoIP technology provided by the ISP. It is much cheaper and more consistent than a broadband plus landline connection. Sometimes the bundled plans may turn out cheaper than the naked broadband. But if you really do not require a land line, you can do away with it and save a significant amount of money every year.

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