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Improve Your Internet Security – An Infographic Way To Brief

The internet has given us countless ways to access the world information anywhere around the world but it has a dark side too. It seems like your personal information is no more personal and it is being shared with online services behemoths. Who does require your personal information? There are many online services that require your personal information in order to use their services and this is where you handover all your information to a faceless individual who is sitting behind that website and sharing your privacy to some criminals or marketers. However, there are online services that use your information for legitimate communication.

One common problem can be seen among users is having their password saved as drafts in their email accounts that are similar to leaving your wallet and phone at some place. You never know how your personal information travels to and to what extent it can be misused. It doesn’t mean you should quit using online services but what you need is to be more careful when using the internet. Have a look at this infographic created by Ecogreen IT Recycling that lists all the tips you need to keep in mind while using the internet.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from ECO Green IT Recycling

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  1. PitchWorx says:

    I like the infographic. It is really conceptually well defined.

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