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The Evergreen Guide To Intelligent Internet Marketing

The Evergreen Guide To Intelligent Internet Marketing

As Edwin Land, a popular American scientist calls it “Marketing is what you do when your product is no good“. But that may not be the case in the modern era with a number of competitors around and a business success is literally impossible without proper marketing.

The internet marketing is no different in this regard. It is a world by itself with a lot of factors like search engine optimization, graphic or web designing, ppc, shopping cart integration, email marketing, analysis on the web and many more. Here is a professional and up-to date guidance on internet marketing strategies.

Try Out The Premium Search Engine Marketing:

The Google Ad Words is one solution for boosting your traffic and sales on the websites. This main revenue generator of Google is a fantastic source of getting the right response for your business. Its programs include international, national and local distribution. The PPC (pay per click) and CPM (cost per mile) are two effective methods of advertising banners, texts and media ads.

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Content Is King:

This is a statement that you might have come across quite often in the recent past. The art or the act of writing a good content is really very important. A well written content can sometimes be the only reason for the success of a webpage. On the other hand, a repeated or poor content can bring down the value of your website.

The Evergreen Guide To Intelligent Internet Marketing

Email Newsletters:

This is another exciting idea to improve customer relationship and also generating greater sales simply by sending email newsletters. With different kinds of designs and templates offered online, it is more than possible to attract customers into your sites.

Building A Relationship:

It is very important to create and keep up a strong relationship with website owners and bloggers by lending them with meaningful comments to their posts and in the process, developing interesting and insightful conversation on social media sites. But the commenting has to be done or designed in the smartest way possible. Care has to be taken to make sure that it is done in the most natural way. The marketing idea in it has to be disguised to make it look as an ordinary opinion and a business oriented one.

Freebie Offer:

A really good freebie or an awesome deal, when offered with your branding, can act as an effective viral marketing tool.

Make Your Website Presence Felt:

Popularize your website and let everybody know about your web presence through LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook or any other large communities. Again, this has to be done in an intelligent way and should be natural too.

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Social Networking:

One other effective way is to build a social network and have conversation with people there. You may even promote RSS feeds for your websites and blogs on these sites. Give your feedbacks on the contents available in other websites and blogs.

Online Video:

Make your own YouTube video featuring your product and share them to your websites or any other popular social media sites. If you can bring in some fun element or twist to your video it could be more impressive. It is more likely to capture larger audience.

The Evergreen Guide To Intelligent Internet Marketing

Online Directories:

Share your sites with every possible online directory as they are applicable to your location and niche. Add your website to the DMOZ directory. It will take about 2 weeks to several months for your website to be listed along with partner sites that uses the Open Directory data like the AltaVista, AOL Search, Hotbot, Netscape Search, Lycos and Google.

Q.R. Code:

Think of creating a QR codes which will contain information and publish it offline and online. Your visitors will have something funny online. For instance, try to create a treasure hunt activity with clues that will take people from Facebook page, to the current website, to the corresponding twitter page. Make it more interesting by promising a prize by the end of the task. The more creative you are, the more likes, comments and follows you are likely to get.

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Whichever way you look at, internet marketing is the only solution for a big time success of a global business. The more you stand out from the rest, the better are your chances of succeeding. So go ahead and try out new ideas. You never know how and when things work out.

My Best Wishes…!!!

About the Author:
An all-round blogger by profession, Kathryn Smith also takes interest in studying various distance learning degrees like the Distance Learning Liberal Arts Degree and sharing them with the younger generation.

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