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List Of Default Fonts Pre-Installed In An Android Device

Android development is increasing nowadays virally. The basic attractive design is only typography that can attract the user eyes. You can use attractive fonts in your android apps. Also there are many fonts built in your android that you can use. Here we are sharing List Of Default Fonts that are P...

Use Your Animated Explainer Video As A Sales Weapon

Getting through to your customers is an easy thing do to. It’s a tough gig. How many times your calls have been ignored, or installed ad blockers all over their devices to block you? Some potential clients also use Gmail to filter out your emails that took hours of brain power trying to come up [&...

Facebook’s Launches New Like Button With Emotions

Fb has improved the particular huge Like button which has a fresh sensations. You can now “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad” or “angry” some thing having lovely emojis. It is possible to say else beside only “like”. The report follows...

Wrike: An Online Tool For Business Management

A lot of work is required to keep your business on top in your industry. The main challenge is not figuring out what to do, but rather how to effectively manage all the work involved. Attending meetings, sharing project info, splitting up and delegating tasks to teams members, reviewing updates and ...

Fetch Data From Blogger Feed Using Pure JavaScript

Like every blog, Google Blog’s have there own Feed that can be called by many ways for your work. You can get the data from blogger feed means blogs and can use it anywhere. It is built for the purpose of Fetching Data From Blogger Feed. You can use many languages to Fetch Data From […]...

How To Use Parameters In Google Blogspot Blog Feed?

This post presented for me to understanding the “Query Parameters in Blogspot Feed”. As we know, the URL to get feed items of our blog is You can review this feed after as my blog feed :

How 2016 Is Affecting Global Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is already much more than mere clicking or posting photos to social media. As the Internet is becoming a more developed and subtler service, its tools and features are also changing with the times. Since new devices and technologies are introduced almost on a daily basis, people...