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B2B ECommerce: Trends To Follow In 2020

After for years, the trends have been driven by the B2C sector only, with the B2B eCommerce offer at the tail end, companies and brands are now opening up to online commerce also in the Business sector. And they begin to dictate new rules and indicate new trends.

Customer Experience And Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is nothing else that we already experience every day when Amazon suggests products that “could interest us” or when advertisements on the Courier refer us to the last product you searched for on the IKEA website.

In extremely simplistic words: keeping track of data, re-elaborating it in an intelligent way to produce corresponding content, and in particular to do direct and highly personalized marketing.

This type of functionality, capable of making browsing an online shop a highly profiled experience, will be able – according to Gartner, a leading agency in strategic consultancy, research, and analysis in the field of Information Technology – to bring companies to increase their profits by 15% in 2020.

B2B Ecommerce Development – therefore, turn to strong personalization, leveraging on technological achievements and User Experience mechanisms already adopted by the B2C market but applied to the particular needs of the Business market.

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Multichannel Sale:

The purchase flow on a B2B portal is typically much more complex than a normal B2C shop: this is because dynamics related to the different buyers, approval, and payment flows and the innumerable typical requirements of the business channel come into play.

The flow is also affected by the very strong human impact that underlies B2B transactions: agents and representatives, sales offices and customer support.

Up to now they have directly supported the purchasing offices and will certainly continue to do so in the era of eCommerce website development, but through a technology that must be able to give real and continuous support to transactions and that must be able to generate real benefits for the various involved: time-saving, optimization and centralization of resources, enhancement of the marketing system, personalization of the offer.

B2B purchases will continue to be finalized in different ways: via mobile, from desktop, by direct order to the sales agent: therefore it is expected that 2020 will bring efforts and attention to this type of need and solve them with offers of suitable products the new times (ever faster) and ways (increasingly technological and high performance) with which companies interact with each other.


Video Content!

The contents are more and more videos, this is undeniable. They are popular on social media of any type, from Facebook to LinkedIn, from Instagram too – of course – YouTube. However, they have a considerable cost in terms of content programming, recording, and post-production.

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Nevertheless, for some companies, the arrival of more and more video content will be inevitable. Which? For example, all those that sell strongly “visual” products and in which the aesthetic and design component is predominant.

The new B2B eCommerce website solution must prepare to welcome this type of content, making available to the buyer’s product overview or video reviews that show its use, assembly and contextualization in the environment.

Purchase With Voice Assistance:

It may seem overly futuristic but vocal assistance is one of those features that are gaining momentum in the daily lives of all of us. Who among us has never used Alexa voice assistance, Echo or asked Siri to find the nearest pizzeria in the area? Voice eCommerce app development is closer than we can imagine.

The Chatbots, Or “Paul Your Online Assistant”:

A chatbot is nothing more than a program designed to interact with customers, answer typical questions and assist them in the online shopping flow. He’s a programmed assistant, but definitely interactive and yes – it’s just that pop-up that opens up asking you if you need assistance when you go to the bank’s website or to some online shop. It’s him: it’s Paul or Maria, and it’s a rather sophisticated piece of code.

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The dynamic chatbox is widespread in B2C eCommerce and everything suggests that even Business applications are moving towards adopting them in an increasingly stronger way, in order to give basic customer support, provide personalized recommendations and a guide to more complex purchase interactions.

Business sales have complex dynamics: we expect 2020 to bring focus on its specific problems and quality proposals for a multi-channel, solid and at the same time flexible B2B eCommerce development a true “future” tool for companies that have confidence in that future and which expect from its support, innovation, and simplification.

Arun GoyalAbout the Author:

Arun Goyal, founder, and CEO at Octal Info Solution Technology carries profound experience in the IT industry and based on that he creates an informative and engaging piece of content. He expresses his outlook in his recent creation Ecommerce App Development, which displays great insight into the subject valuable for many of his followers. Explore him through his ideas on a number of domains and as a part-time author of this blog.

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