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Using The Salesforce Data Loader As A Start Up

A start up usually has many challenges but amidst the challenges, it has the wonderful experience of setting up infrastructure and beginning to build something new and beautiful. Many times, this will mean working long hours and moving very fast in all things.  This is the time to ensure that your clients find you relevant and then do your best to stay relevant to them at all times.  You will need to focus your attention on your customers if you are to do this successfully and by so doing, stay in business for many years to come.

The Salesforce platform is a great tool to use.  It is a successful CRM platform that gives you the tools you need to be successful.  You will need to ensure that you have set up a foundation that is solid where technology is concerned and then thereafter build on it.  A good CRM system will keep you on top of what you should be doing for your clients and will also provide you with the support and expertise you need to become successful in your field.

Increase Your Customers:

Since you are just beginning, it is important that you grow efficiently and quickly.  Not only do you need to manage your customer relationships, you also need to develop various channels of customer acquisition.  Marketing, branding and PR should be part of your company strategy along with good customer relationship management.  The idea is to keep growing your new customers while retaining your acquired customer base.

As you continue to grow your business, you will find that you begin to gather lots of valuable data and information on your clients, the products they prefer and the like.  It is important that you know how to manage the said data so that you can use it for your benefit and to guide your business decisions in the future. Salesforce data loader is a great tool to help you both import and export the said data in bulk.

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In order to work with the loader, you can do this through the user interface or you can use the command line.  The user interface allows you to work interactively so that you specify for yourself the configuration parameters that you will use for both import and export.  These are in the form of CSV files.  You are also able to specify the field mappings so that you match your field names to those used in Salesforce.

Work With Your Customer Data:

Command line only works with Windows to allow you specify mappings, data sources, file actions and configuration. With that done, your data loader will then be set so that it will carry out the data processing automatically.  Having it set up to do so automatically ensures the continuity of the process without taking your time since you do not have to load it manually.

There are several key features that you can look forward to with this data loader some of which include the ability to drag and drop, the user interface is easy to use, processes data in and SalesForce and supports large files among others.

Charlie BrownAbout the Author:Charlie Brown is an experienced database representative. Charlie has helped “Salesforce” in their data loader and still working on many projects.

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