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Spice Up Your Blog With Proper WordPress Plugins

The number of people that are present online in any form is constantly growing. With more than 1.5 billion users [source], Facebook is the most widespread digital phenomenon in the world. Social media have a huge potential and power in numerous aspects of people’s lives and society in general. However, they should always be accompanied by websites, to form a stronger digital unit. Since websites are usually launched (also) for business purposes, their owners should pay attention to the platforms they choose for their websites.

Thanks to thousands of plugins it offers to its users, WordPress has proven to be the most reasonable choice when it comes to content management systems. But what plugins out of the plethora of WordPress add-ons would be the most suitable options for newbies in the world of websites?

1.) Disqus For Improved Blogging:

Disqus For Improved Blogging
Although it seems that images yield more reactions than texts on the web, textual content still matters a lot in the online context. If you want to reserve a part of your website to blog posts, the Disqus plugin is the right choice for you. It will ensure a higher level of interaction between your regular visitors and commentators. Moreover, thanks to some integrated advertising-friendly features, you your blog could also bring you some extra money. Also, here you can have a look at some other blogging add-ons.

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2.) New Quality With Visual Composer:

New Quality With Visual Composer
One of the reasons WordPress is such a popular CMS with such a firm base of fans is the fact that its solutions are simple, yet effective. Even digital amateurs can create a simple website or blog with WordPress. In accordance with the claim that the Internet users like well-organized and visually attractive websites, WordPress developers have created a useful tool that can turn every website into a real eye candy. This plugin is called Visual Composer and it is a user-friendly add-on for visual organization of a WordPress website. What is more, its users do not have to bother with codes and other complicated stuff. With this drag and drop plugin, you will be able to adapt your WordPress website to your needs.

3.) Bolder Marketing With Thirsty Affiliates:

Bolder Marketing With Thirsty Affiliates
One of the greatest truths in digital marketing is that every website needs as many backlinks and shares as possible. Google likes websites that are considered worth recommending. Of course, you can contribute a lot to the reputation your website has. Apart from the textual and visual content, plugins like ThirstyAffiliate can help you boost your link ranking. It is an especially practical tool for business people who want to establish stronger connections in the field of affiliate marketing.

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4.) Tickera For Events:

Tickera For Events
If you launch a website to serve your business purposes, it is highly likely that your business needs will grow. As your business keeps developing, you will most probably have to organize business conferences or events. When the time comes for such occasions, it is important to know what WordPress plugin to use. It goes without saying that people who want to visit an event need to have tickets. For instance, the Tickera plugin offers loads of options, from selling individual tickets to bulks. It is a great service for planning and organizing all kinds of events.

5.) Better Orientation With Event Organiser:

Better Orientation With Event Organiser
Now that you know how to provide tickets for your clients and customers, it is also important to give them the right directions and information on the event itself. The Event organizer plugin is a perfect solution to give event attendees all the information they might need on their way to the venue. The location, the maps, the event calendar, as well as the possibility to create your own lists of events or features within one single event all make this plugin a real treat for every businessperson.

The aforementioned plugins are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WordPress options. Diving into the World of WordPress – a true WoW – will give you a better insight into the possibilities that every user of this fantastic CMS can count on. If you want to create a recognizable website to support your growing business, stick to WordPress plugins and ensure outstanding user experience for your visitors.

Dan RadakAbout the Author:

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Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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