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2D Animated Explainer Video: Here’s What You Should Do!

In which way does 2D animation communicate your message to the target audience? With the creative use of colors, characterization, dialouge, texts, shapes, lettering and music. Back in the olden days, 2D animation concentrated on entertaining and educating younger audiences. Well not anymore, today its use has expanded to business marketing and boosting internal communications. How? With Animated explainer videos…!!!

It serves any purpose and can practically explain anything. From a product or service to complex messages to giving away educational information etc., explainer videos do the talking. So, when the power of 2D animation and the effectiveness of explainer videos work together as a team what you get is a brilliant marketing tool.

The union of the two is based on few of the following factors:


The backbone of a great explainer video is the script. The entire video revolves around the script. It’s the base which the production team uses as the main reference point. A well-written script consists would consist of a lucid and comprehensible beginning, a middle and an end. 2D animation allows your video to have characters with expressions and dialogues, which enhances the message to be conveyed no matter how complex in nature.

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Make A Schedule:

Once deadlines are allocated, it gives you and the production team a clear picture to stay focused and organized. Sticking to the deadline becomes an obligation this way. Constant communication between you and 2D Animation Studio leaves room for changes and tackling other issues during the production process.


Target Audience:

Explainer videos are meant to be seen. The target audience for whom it’s meant have preferences of their own. All these are essential factors that are taken into consideration to rightly engage the target audience when the video is under production stage.

Is It Appealing Enough?

There are some advertisements which will never erase out of our memories. Similarly, your explainer videos should create a memorable impact on its target audiences. 2D animation comes at full play in strengthening your brand presence as the emotion, dialogues, characters, theme created using the technique are likely to be remembered by people for a longer period of time.

What’s Your Approach?

How many times have we been bugged by annoying cold calls, junk mails, or constant requests to use/share/buy a product?

So when the time to adding call to action comes, remember to strike a balance and not be too direct so that puts the audience off but at the same time don’t not buried in. The audience should get your contact details in an appropriate way. Because ofsourse, your main reason for investing in an 2D explainer video is for better marketing of brands and which interests the audience and brings in more sales.

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Stay tuned with us on the rest of the steps required in the creation of animated explainer videos made in 2D.

Dharmendra AhujaAuthored by Dharmendra Ahuja, PitchWorx – Animation Video Company with a dedicated creative team of 2d animators and graphic designers who create explainer videos for startups and corporate, infographics, corporate presentation designs.

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