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Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Archive Text Messages – Infographic

The prevalence of smartphones, text, and chat apps in today’s workplace has motivated the need for businesses to use mobile messaging archiving platform. A mobile messaging archiving solution allows for an easier and more efficient archiving process deploying a software and secured network in place that allows a user to send or receive sensitive data, important documents, and other things they need to conduct their day to day business.

Text message archiving, as a strategy, also reduces the risk of various data security threats by using a technology called end to end encryption. This means that a mobile messaging archiving software not only helps for a more efficient arching process, but also keeps corporate communication secure and protected at all times.
It helps a business or an organization to remain compliant with various rules and regulations regarding the upkeep of work-related documents. With various sectors such as finance, healthcare, government, etc., enforcing tougher and stricter rules regarding archiving these days, a mobile messaging archiving solution can help a business avoid heavy penalties and untoward legal repercussions.

In addition, a mobile messaging archiving platform can also help a company during litigation and e-discovery. Whether as a plaintiff, defendant, or an interested party, a company can rely on this platform in case they are obliged to produce evidence for the case. This results to faster litigation process and significant cost-savings on attorney’s fees and court costs.
Moreover, it also helps employees become more productive at work. By having a record of all their work-related messages, employees can easily access any messages regardless of whether they were sent or received decades ago. This added benefit allows them to access much needed information required by their job. To learn more about text message archiving and its benefits to businesses, check the infographic below from TeleMessage.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from TeleMessage.

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