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An Awesome Script Is The Secret To A Great Explainer Video

An explainer video is not just about cute characters. You have a great idea or a story that goes really well with the product you’re making the video for but until there’s a strong script to back it up with you’ll never be able to take it off. A good script is what gives life to a great animated explainer video or one made in any other style. And of course, writing a video script needs fair bit of creative skills for better communication of the idea via an impressive story.

Now, let’s say you’re making an explainer video to upscale your business. You approach a production company but do they know your requirements better than you? No, right? So, one needs to be absolutely sure to clearly explain the video’s objective, the target audience, and the message to be conveyed. Doing so, the video production team gets all the details required while writing the best script for your video.

What is the main purpose of script in an explainer video?


Script: The Backbone Of An Explainer Video:

The sole purpose of a video is to interact and talk with the audience through the medium of ‘voice over’. Generally the speed of the voice over narration is at the rate of 150 words, to be told in 60-90 seconds, so there’s hardly any time for talking, which needs to be extremely powerful.

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Secondly, the sound and visual effects are equally dependent and important elements of animated explainer videos, the production and placement of which is entirely depends entirely on the script. In other words, the script is the backbone of a good video.

Every process of video production starts with the script. First comes finalization of the script, followed by storyboarding, and then comes the illustration part. After this pre-production stage the animation is done on the basis of the voice-over. Sound effects are incorporated at a much later stage in the production process. So, as you see every step is co-related to the script which explains its importance in video creation.

Why Is An Explainer Video Made?

It’s made to explain an idea. a concept, a product or service which requires promotions right! Therefore while writing a video script it should be kept in mind to that the explanation being handed out should be clear and precise. It should be able to educate the viewer.

But having said that, at the same time the video cannot be boring. It should be able to hold people’s attention till the completion. So, a script should be a perfect mix of “information” and “entertainment”. The final product must be both entertaining and educating, only then it will work and fetch the desired results.

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Element Of Humor In The Script:

The one thing that goes really well with animation is humor. The communication technique becomes much more complicated if wrapped in the element of humor. Incorporation of humor in an explainer video script, it’s likely that people are going to watch it more sometimes even repetitively. It becomes more essential while making a video in 2D character animation or if characters are playing out the story.

In the end, let’s think of it this way – If an explainer video is the recipe then the script is the secret sauce that’s going to make it a big hit!

Dharmendra AhujaAbout the Author:Authored by Dharmendra Ahuja – PitchWorx, an animation video company create animated short animation, explainer videos for startups, character animation, custom infographic design for digital marketing campaign and for your next big business presentation.

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