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Top Known Pros And Cons Of Freelancing You Must Know

It is the desire of each person to work at his most comfortable hours, determining his salary, and most important find time to attend to personal projects. This has been the promise of freelancing, resulting in the accelerated growth of the industry over the past decade. The wind is carrying with it the elderly, adults, and the youth alike. Students are also embracing the idea from the early years of college, setting their careers on the freelancing path from the onset.

But like all other career and work decisions, it has its challenges and benefits. Some people succeed because they are favored by some of the elements while others fail because there exist blind spots that they could not recognize. A look at the pros and cons of freelancing will give you a better picture of the freelancing industry.

Pros of Freelancing:

Freedom Over Your Schedule:

Waking up in the morning dealing with traffic, controlled breaks, and having to stick in the office even when there is no work to be done are some of the aspects that make the 8-5 job unpalatable. Each employee would prefer to be home or relaxing when there is no work. It is even better if you can avoid traffic or not have to report to work early if you are not a morning person. This is the luxury that freelancing promises.

You can schedule your work to begin at your preferred time. As long as you have communicated to your clients, you can handle their work at midday, late in the night, afternoon, or whichever time you prefer. Freelancing comes with the freedom to control your schedule, allowing you to be productive at the most convenient time.

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Limitless Clients And Revenue:

An 8-5 job comes with a set salary. The boss also determines the clients you will interact with, limiting your learning opportunities and revenue. Freelancers have greater freedom to work with multiple clients. What does it mean for a freelancer? Well, your salary will be pegged on how much you work. This is unlike employment where an employee goes out of his way yet the benefits go to the owners of the business.

Limitless clients incite you to work harder and grow your revenue. It is an incentive to employ smart techniques that will result in more revenue. If you want more money, you can work over weekends, at night, and on holidays, helping you to hit your financial goals faster.

Exposure To Different Clients:

Your professional life is not limited to one class of clients. It is common for businesses to serve a particular market. It means that employees working under these businesses have a limited understanding of the industry. They cannot borrow expertise from other clients to enrich their craft. Freelancers serve clients in all industries. They can spot the most profitable areas and put more effort.

For instance, a freelance accountant can serve clients in manufacturing, marketing, institutions, and government without restrictions. It expands your professional knowledge, laying the foundation for a successful professional career or entrepreneurship.

Being Your Own Boss:

How about not answering anyone? Imagine the joy of shaking off that nagging boss or colleague? This is the joy of being a freelancer. You set your work schedule without depending on a boss for directions. However, you have targets and expectations from your clients. In essence, you will be reducing the number of bosses who can come between you and your clients.

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Working From Anywhere:

The main attraction to freelancing is the freedom to work anywhere. No one will summon you to the office or keep you there when the weather outside is so inviting. You can set up your station on the beach or a rooftop with a magical view.

The ability to work anywhere is especially inviting for a creative. If you are inspired working under a tree or near a swimming pool, freelancing offers that opportunity. Some begin work on the bed, move to the coach, and only sit on desks when the situation demands. These luxuries are only available to freelancers.

Cons Of Freelancing:

While freelancing sounds so inviting, it has its disadvantages. As many will learn, it is not the mode of work for everyone. If you are not ready to handle these disadvantages, freelancing is not for you.

Sporadic Work:

An employee knows what is waiting in the morning once he gets to the office. Such expectations and routine come with certainty such that you can organize your schedule during the day, week, or month, and even the year. Well, a freelancer is like a fisherman who sticks bait hoping to catch a fish. It is not defined when the fish will nibble on the bait. It means that sometimes you work long hours while other times come with idleness. Such sporadic work may affect your flow of finances if you fail to plan appropriately.

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Lack Of A Social Environment:

Work is more than a desk and hitting deadlines. You have colleagues to complement and collaborate with as you execute your projects. You create memories and always look forward to meeting. This luxury does not exist when working as a freelancer. There are no employees or colleagues at home. You meet clients once in a while, some of them only issuing the work online and paying remotely.

Even when working from a freelancer station, there is no guarantee that you will find a person handling an assignment similar to yours. Even in such a case, the chances of collaboration are few. Freelancing will, therefore, deny you the socialization that comes with working in an office setting.

Ultimate Responsibility:

The responsibility overwork, your professional life, and earnings lie squarely at your feet. There are no bosses to create a work schedule. You have to source for clients, guarantee the quality of your work, and determine how much you earn. You also have to build a brand that clients can believe. While you are your own boss, you have to take responsibility for your actions.

The choice to be a freelancer must come from a point of information. Know what to expect from this mode of work and find a way to maximize the benefits. Freelancing, therefore, is a delicate balance between freedom and responsibility.

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