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PHP Framework For Web Development In 2021

Are you looking for the best PHP framework that suits your need for web development in 2021? If so, this post will guide you through the best PHP frameworks!

But if you are new to the world of PHP and looking to create a web app, make sure you choose the best PHP web development company in India.

PHP is one of the widely used programming languages that help to develop applications and the web. Although the language is considered quite strong and comfortable, it has gone through a lot of evolution.

But before heading to the right PHP framework for web development, let’s discuss what the term exactly means!

What Is PHP?

PHP is a built-in programming language that is infused with a multitude of web development functions. Also, the programmer may integrate the code written in this language. This would ultimately help you complete your project successfully and at high speed.

Let’s discuss the PHP frameworks:

1. Codeigniter:

Codeigniter comes with a simple, straightforward and quick installation process that requires only minimal configuration or so. The framework gives comprehensive flexibility to use. The framework comes with complete packet libraries that help in sending images, sending emails, form validation, and others.

Don’t know how to use the framework? If so, make sure you choose the best PHP web development company in India today!


  • It is compatible with most web servers
  • It is an easy to use framework.
  • It holds strong community forums
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2. Slim:

This PHP Framework helps you create powerful web applications. Known as a micro PHO framework, it assists developers even in the most complex scenarios. Make sure you hire PHP developers if you don’t know how to use the framework.


  • It enhances the overall performance of your website
  • It protects applications from cross-site requests and validates requests

3. Phalcon:

This PHP framework is written in C and C++ language boosts up the execution speed, triggers the overall performance and simultaneously, reduces resource usage. It helps to build high-configuration web applications.


  • It has asset management features.
  • It is one of the fastest PHP frameworks that is equipped with outstanding features.
  • You can easily generate PDF libraries using this tool.


4. CakePHP:

CakePHP is a decade old PHP framework that is quite straightforward and easy to learn and easy to install that even a non-tech individual can use it.


  • It offers a vast range of features and functions
  • It comes with advanced libraries
  • It is an ideal option for commercial application projects.

5. Zend Framework:

For complex and enterprise level-projects, the Zend framework is being widely used. It is built on an agile methodology that lets you deliver high-quality web applications with the most advanced features and functions. Also, you can hire PHP developers in India if you are already involved in managing other core operations of your business.


  • It can easily integrate with external libraries
  • Offers an extremely good documentation
  • It is highly customizable where you can add any project-specific functionality.

6. Symfony:

Symfony is ranked third among PHP frameworks for web development by PHP Benchmarks. Symfony is a PHP web development framework that also includes a set of 50 stand-alone reusable PHP components for speedier web app development. It has over 24.5k GitHub stars. You can create web applications, microservices, and APIs with Symfony.

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  • Symfony’s database operations are handled by the open-source Doctrine ORM. It’s an excellent way to avoid having to write repetitious SQL code.
  • 50+ decoupled components that are simple to install with composer.
  • Symfony works with a wide range of databases. MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, and SAP Sybase are just a few examples of databases.
  • Despite the fact that PHP is a templating language, Symfony comes with Twig, a fast, safe, and flexible template engine.

7. Yii:

Yii has almost 11 million downloads on Packagist and 13.6 thousand stars on GitHub. Yii, whose tagline is “YES, it is!” is a fast, safe, and versatile PHP framework for web development, with a focus on MVC design. On the PHP Benchmarks list, it is ranked number four. Yii is a PHP framework that is purely Object-Oriented and demands to understand of inheritance, polymorphism, and other concepts. Make sure you hire PHP web development company in India to ensure you can use this framework for your business.


  • Extensive Documentation – Yii has covered everything from installation to explaining web fundamentals to deploying applications and everything in between.
  • Robust Cache Component – From server-side caching to client-side in-browser caching, Yii provides step-by-step instructions for implementing various types of caching, including data caching, fragment caching, page caching, query caching, HTTP caching, and so on.
  • Using Yii’s GII2 code generator to create CRUD operations for a database, you may quickly prototype an MVP.
  • Security features – For implementing authentication, authorization, cryptographic features, password handling, trustworthy proxies, and headers, Yii provides frameworks and standards.
  • Authentication, for example, can be implemented using the ‘User component’ and Yii’s ‘IdentityInterface’ interface.
  • Yii also has components and classes for dealing with requests, interacting with databases, presenting data, obtaining data, debugging code, and so on.
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8. Lumen:

Lumen is a PHP micro-framework for creating web apps. It was designed by the Laravel team and is written in PHP. On GitHub, Lumen has 7.1k+ stars and 45+ contributors.


  • Lumen allows you to create lightning-fast APIs and microservices for Laravel-based applications. It is speedier than the other popular PHP microframeworks, Slim and Silex.
  • Eloquent ORM, testing, validation, authorization, cache, queues, views, and other Laravel features may be used with minimal setup.
  • If necessary, easily upgrade to a full-fledged Laravel application.
  • Laravel Homestead can be used to meet system needs. It’s compatible with PHP versions greater than 7.3.

Final Thoughts:

So, that’s a wrap up to the best PHP framework for web development in 2021!

There’s no arguing with the fact that the scope of PHP Framework is wide and it gives you an opportunity to let your brand stand tall above the rest. Make sure you hire PHP developers and help you build your business application.

Amit GuptaAbout the Author:

Amit Gupta Vice President – Sales Metadesign Solutions, one of the leading php web development company. He is an Engineer by profession who completed his graduate degree from Delhi College of Engineering. He is responsible for delineating the road map for all innovation, Sales activities at MetaDesign Solutions. He is also tech-savvy and loves to read and write technical blogs.

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