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Convert Visitors Into Customers By Creating Explainer Videos For Startups

Videos have become an integral part of daily life. At every step, we’re consuming more and more information through videos, courtesy smartphones, Youtube, v-logs and the likes! The reason for the growing popularity of videos can be assigned to the fact that they are highly beneficial for businesses and are strong marketing tools. Explainer videos for startup or for fortune companies, is the upcoming trend that’s catching up fast and how! They are used extensively today to market products/services.

So Why Should Brands Create Explainer Videos?

Facts reveal that 3/4ths of the total customer base is more likely to buy from you once they see your explainer video. Explainer videos have also been at the helm of social media marketing courtesy the “going viral” phenomenon which has been observed ever since Youtube rose to prominence.

Google’s algorithm for search rankings also takes into consideration the amount of time for which visitors stay on your website. To ensure that your visitors stay for long (long enough to turn them into prospective customers), use animated “bait” videos! An animated explainer video is an excellent marketing tool, which when deployed correctly can drive numerous benefits for your company!

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How Can An Explainer Video Drive More Sales?

Let’s discuss the two phases involved…


Phase 1: The Visitors To Leads Conversion Phase:

Having an animated video that succinctly explains your business proposition boosts the chances of having more visitors on your website. Once that is sorted, the next phase deals with the conversion of visits to “leads”. Here’s how it happens:

“The clever inclusion of an explainer video in your website is akin to having a strong business pitch, albeit in the form of a video. Your explainer video helps you deliver the perfect pitch every time without fail! Why? Because unlike typical textual pitches that are long and redundant, video pitches in the form of explainer videos can summarize your entire business proposition/idea in less than 2 minutes.”

Phase 2: The Leads To “Customers” Phase:

An explainer video is an asset to any company looking to make more sales. It almost eliminates the potential loss of customer by ensuring the number of leads stays steady! The whole marketing efforts bear fruit courtesy the engagement levels that explainer videos can successfully architect.

Here are some facts about animated explainer videos that directly influence sales:

  • They act as a call to action for prospects
  • They help people make a choice, courtesy the simple narrative that prompts them to do so
  • They assist more brand recall value: thereby assisting sales!
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The animation industry is a rapid growing industry today in India and worldwide. A highly creative industry was considered an expensive business proposition earlier but now is a flourishing industry due to easy accessibility. Animation companies in Delhi, due to growth in digital technologies have become a widespread medium dedicated to boom in businesses. These creative studios produce explainer videos using motion graphics, whiteboard animation, character animation and more. Animation videos are becoming the most trusted and effective marketing tools for business promotions of any kind.

Dharmendra AhujaAbout the Author:Dharmendra Ahuja is the author of “Convert Visitors into Customers by Creating Explainer Videos for Startups”, PitchWorx –  2d animation company in delhi providing custom corporate presentation design, explainer videos for startups and infographic design for digital marketing campaign and for your next big business presentation.

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4 Responses to “Convert Visitors Into Customers By Creating Explainer Videos For Startups”

  1. Swati K says:

    Totally agree! animated explainer videos are highly engaging and hold the viewers longer on your site. Especially when a story is told through a video, it becomes all the more interesting and pulling.

  2. Suresh says:

    Nice share!
    Completely agree. Users should have a clear knowledge on how a particular site works, else they might possibly consider it as a fake one.
    Thumb rule: Be open, be genuine!

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