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How Bad Photoshop Is In The World Of Web Design?

You must have heard about Adobe reader; the most infamous platform through which you can read pdf documents. Am I right? The question is do you know what Adobe Photoshop is? Many of you reading this might not have even heard about it before now, so if you haven’t this is the perfect time to enlighten you about it.

Adobe Photoshop is a product from Adobe and it is a tool that is primarily used by amateurs to edit their pictures or images. But Photoshop is not just another software that photographers can use to mend their pictures on, contrary to what people would have you believe now this software is not a play thing. It can be used for web designing and web designers have used this software for this purpose quite a lot. Howbeit, most of the web designers do not take in account Photoshop for the sake of web designing these days. If you have never used this software in your life you might need a heads up about a few things. Let us take a look at why Photoshop has now become obsolete in the world of web design.

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Mixed Feelings For Photoshop:

If you are an experienced web designer, your feelings for Photoshop will be complicated at the least. Sure, you love Photoshop for its simplicity and its easy to use program, but it has certain shortcomings which cannot be ignored even if you want to ignore them. The anti-Photoshop web designers demand its removal from the web design process due to its multitude of flaws.

Nowadays, you will find every four out of five web designers speaking ill of Photoshop. It has become the new ritual in the world of web design. So let us see why Photoshop is despised by so many web designers.


Photoshop’s Flaws:

1.) Issues Of Break Down:

Frequent reports of dysfunction at the part of Mac OS X’s beach ball occur while using Photoshop. If you have not saved your file, and your program goes into the hanging state, you are pretty much doomed!

2.) Textual Representations:

Photoshop messes up most of fonts, even the basic ones like Helvetica. Whilst these fonts appear regal and legible in a word document, they look scrawny and give an untidy effect while appearing in a website layout which has been prepared with the aid of Photoshop.

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3.) Uneconomic:

Photoshop is hands down of the costliest software among the multitude of software which can be used for web design layout. If you buy firsthand Photoshop software, it will easily cost you $700 USD. There are far better and cheaper tools for web design like Creative Cloud. It has lesser drawbacks and is relatively cheap.

Keeping in mind all of the cons mentioned above, it seems that Photoshop might be one of the least wanted tools for web design. But if along the way you have become interested in trying your luck at editing pictures or using this tool to design the web pages then go ahead and have fun with this software.

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