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How To Optimize And Rank Good Your Video On YouTube – Part 1

That we have a video creation of the way, let’s get to the real meat of power going to use these videos to make money.

Before You Even Upload The Video:

Before you even upload your video to YouTube, be sure to rename the file to match the keywords that you are trying to rank for. For example, with our accountants in Denver we would simply renamed the .mp4 file to accountantindenver.mp4 before we even uploaded it to YouTube.

This is much like renaming photograph files or graphics files before uploading them onto our webpage. It is very important that you do it.

YouTube Channel:

The personnel he needs to do is realize that our YouTube channel is as powerful, if not more powerful than any of the assets that we have built in the lead sellers empire main guide. YouTube channels carry with them massive amounts of pull in the search engines. It is also important to realize that you can and need to optimize your channel.

How To Optimize And Rank Good Your Video on YouTube -- Part 2

The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that the YouTube channel an account that you create has he words in it. This means that you have to create a new Google account. You can have Google accounts created and phone verified for you on fiverr. Just make sure that they put your keyword as the account name.

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Also in the channel on the right-hand side you have opportunity to keyword stuff your channel description. Take this opportunity to write a nice little article with your keyword will optimize within it in place that in the description box. This will lead tremendously to the overall SEO value of your channel.

Title Of Your Video:

A few years back, there was something called title stacking and search engine optimization. Essentially, title stacking is when you put the key word in the title more than once. Google quickly wised up to that tactic that seems to be ignoring it in YouTube.

Fortunately/unfortunately title stacking still works for videos. So if we wanted to rapidly optimize our video for “accountants in Denver” are title could potentially look like this: “Accountant In Denver Now Offering Services | Accountants In Denver

And we would in fact have the optimization edge over those who did not title stack. The problem with this method should be obvious. That title isn’t very attractive. I prefer to use title stacking on the testimonial videos simply because the testimonial videos seem not to do any worse in terms of conversions when you stack the title like this. That has just been my experience.

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Part – 2:

How To Optimize And Rank Good Your Video on YouTube — Part 2.

About the Author:
Charles West is a professional content writer and blogger since last 2 years. I have writing expertise in technology and certification topics specially. I love to share that recently I passed my 640-692 exam from SAS institute and 642-889 exam from VMware. Thanks for reading.

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