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How You Can Miss Out On Some Important Aspects When Blogging

How You Can Miss Out On Some Important Aspects When Blogging

It goes without saying that blogging depends heavily on the use of modern technology and often, there is a possibility that you may fall short and end up committing some errors that could have been easily avoided. Usually, these are technological errors that can cause major drawbacks for your blog. Therefore, if you do belong to the blog beast network, you need to be extra alert to ensure that you do not fall into the trap of these technological errors that can affect your blog in more than one ways.

When you have useful content that needs to be delivered to the audiences, your blog can play a massive role in bridging this communication gap. Given below are some common technological mistakes that you are likely to make when blogging which can be easily avoided.

1.) The Absence Of An RSS Feed:

RSS is short for Real Simple Syndication and you may not realize it, but it is one of the most important technological tools that are available at your disposal. To put it simply, it standardizes the blog content so that it can be used by several other platforms or readers to display your content to the subscribers or the visitors. However, most bloggers may argue that an email subscription button is far more useful and sufficient.

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While it is true that having email subscribers is important, the fact that RSS feed brings a certain amount of traffic to your blog cannot be ignored. Emails can get slightly dodgy as your readers also get too many spam mails and may not necessarily get your blog updates on a timely basis, whereas using an RSS reader is extremely effective on this front.

2.) Not Going Mobile:

In terms of technology, the most revolutionary technological change that has been making news is the mobile technology. Today, there is a large chunk of people that rely on mobile devices to access the internet, blogs being no different. Therefore, when you finalize a blog design, it is very important that you also ensure if the blog is responsive and can be used on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet.

How You Can Miss Out On Some Important Aspects When Blogging

A frequent visitor to your blog may even ignore the slight glitch; however, if a visitor has landed on your website for the very first time, they are likely to have a less than satisfactory user experience, which can severely reduce your chances of getting the unique visitor back again.

3.) Performing Recovery Task On Backed Up Data As Well:

If you are not into backing up your data, the first thing that blog beast network would recommend is to begin having reliable backups for your data. However, if you are already involved in performing this task, then you need to go one step further and keep recovering the data that you have already backed up since more often than not, some kind of technical error is always likely to cause part or whole of your backed up data to be lost.

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4.) Failure To Test Your Site Across Varied Browsers:

When you visit your blog to check if it looks alright, it may essentially look perfect to you at all times since you make use of the same browser application each time you load your blog site. However, not all your visitors are likely to use the same web browser as you do.Therefore, you must test your blog site across different browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and especially Internet Explorer since most visitors find issues with websites when using the latter.

About the Author:
Charlie Brown is part of the blog beast network and is a very well known blogger. He tries to incorporate technological features into his blog. He has a professional degree in marketing and therefore, is an ace at promoting his blogs online.

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