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5 Benefits Of Organising Free Giveaway To A Blog

5 Benefits Of Organising Free Giveaway To A Blog

What is Giveway? Do you ever heard the term?If no then let us tell us what is it. Giveaway means organizing an event onto your blog,where the lucky winner get rewarded by some free gifts from the blog owner.Giveaway is a most effective method to gain popularity for any blog

Sometimes you may wish to reward your visitor for their daily visit into your blog and free giveaway is the best one for them.You may saw many well established blogger often organise such types of free giveaway into their blog for their reader and you may also even participated onto some of them.So let’s discuss about the benefits of these such giveaways.


Main reason to organising a free giveaway is to gain popularity of your blog on the eye of your blog reader and search engines,cause both of them love to visit such blog who organize such free giveaways.Organising a giveaway help your blog to establish more and more.

Loyal Reader:

Giveaway a blog to get some loyal reader.Visitor do love to launch often onto your blog to see whether any giveaway is organising there or not.If that visitor is your any giveaway winner then chances are more to visit your blog more often.That way you could get some loyal reader towards your blog.


Giveaway surely help a blog to boost traffic.Whenever a visitor see a giveaway is going on into you blog he/she will definitely visit more often into you blog.Even search engines do love to send traffic those blog organising free giveaway.

5 Benefits Of Organising Free Giveaway To A Blog

Social Engagement:

Often giveaway are getting organised with the help of plugin like punchtab,which insists a reader to participate into the giveaway by doing some social share.This way social engagement of any blog will increase also help to drive referral traffic from social networks.

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Make Money:

Giveaway doesn’t mean to loose money,even you can make money organising giveaway.There are some sites like which help publisher to get connected with advertiser to promote their product through giveaway.In return publisher get rewarded by money or one sample product.

So there are several benefits to organising a free giveaway for any blog.If we missed any benefits of free giveaway here do let us inform through your comment.

About the Author:
Hi,this is Debarpan Mukherjee, a young blogger,entrepreneur,engineering student from kolkata,India.A Technology addicted person.Blog on TechTrickHome and our one too.

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