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Do’s And Don’ts While Building An ECommerce Website

Do you have any idea on building an eCommerce website to earn lumps of money? Have you ever considered or discussed on how to manage it? After all, eCommerce is a tree of fruits if it is managed in a right way and you can gain global recognition over online business world!

There are many people who are running eCommerce sites and gaining huge traffic and haven’t got enough revenue due to some pitfalls in their website. If one have a large amount visitors does not boost their sales unless their selling skills are good.

If you are experiencing one such situation, then you are exactly at the right now! I’m here to talk about what can be done to convert you traffic to sales and the tips to make visitors from buying.

>>> Do’s: (Things To Do)

Following are the tricks to make your conversions worthy:

1.) Use Quality Images For Your Products:

Whatever the product that you are selling, make sure to show the best out of it to your ability. In eCommerce don’t get changes to touch, smell or feel the structure of the product as if like they are buying down the streets.

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People generally feel unworthy to buy products that are not displayed properly in a website. This is one of the main drawbacks why they ignore buying online. Hence, it is important to show them quality pictures of the products for impressing the buyers. Descriptions that are written along with the images can help visitors to just know about the product, but only the images or videos can create temptation to buy the beautiful product.

2.) Speed-Up Your Website:

Nowadays internet has become a big place to live in. People don’t have patience in waiting for a slow website to load in and they don’t think on wasting time for every page. It may sound harsh, but that is this is the situation which many sites are facing in their day-to-day journey.

In research it has been found that slower sites that are losing visitors are as well losing its revenue in yearly basis. The largest shopping platform, Amazon has reported that they have raised 1% of their revenue with their improved site speed, which is an obviously a good profit. Search engine have also stated that they will consider the site speed while updating SERPs.

3.) List Building — A Fire Way Of Getting Huge Sales:

Though the email list building is an older tactic, it is still a good way to nurture relationships and send offers to your recipients that help in boosting your sales in a better way. But always be sure to have good quality emails or newsletters that stay away from spam. You can even try with sending giveaways which tempts the visitors to give a look over your products.

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Promote yourself in a better way and give discount and offers in a regular basis. Be genuine and interact with your list for a stronger relationship. Sell effectively and make it easier for people to buy from you.

Do's And Don'ts While Building An ECommerce Website

>>> Don’ts: (Things To Avoid)

Here are few things that frustrate the visitors and make them turn-off from buying your product.

1.) Spamming With Pop-Ups:

Though pop-ups are a great way to attract visitors, it is not much effective when you just spam/prevent your visitors from accessing your website. It may lead to irritation and visitors may leave out of your site. It will result in buying nothing from you!

Be careful when using pop-ups and be sure to make it appear in the right place and time without over exceeding. Don’t overuse as it may backfire on your website.

2.) Wrong Representation Of Product’s Feature:

This is not a honey way of doing business and it won’t even cost you a penny! Misrepresenting the product features will only lead to bad customer review and the visitor will get frustration from buying the product. It also results in spoiling your name and brand. And, this will effect in making online shopping very harder and harder.

3.) Too Many Banner Ads:

It is well and good to show the visitors about your offers and make them buy it, but if it is misplaced that will lead to a big trouble. When people are trying to review the main content and in that place if you mess it with banners, customers will find it difficult and just get away from the intention of buying it.

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Try to have a good and clear call to action summary of your products in your blog posts. So that people will read your offers and take decisions to buy it, if they like it.

These are a few things you should remember while starting or running an eCommerce website. Though it is simple, it may give some extra edge to your successful campaign.

Do comment and share your ideas in making a big hit to the eCommerce site.

About the Author:
Amy Jasmine is a freelance business blogger from a renowned web development company in Chennai. Apart from blogging, she loves to play with her pets and spend time in old age homes.

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