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Data Breach: How Safe The Clouds Are?

Nowadays it has become customary to work from different services which are not connected to a single place anymore. The Cloud offers a great service as it is possible to work with it from almost anywhere, and on almost any device.

However, as it is with anything that is connected to the Internet, there are security breaches, and, in order to protect yourself, you will need to take a few cautionary steps. Especially at the present time, since the majority of small and mid-sized businesses are moving to SAAS platforms.

Understanding Security Measures:

No system is unbeatable, and recently even the Cloud was hacked and information leaked. It should not be taken lightly, although in essence the Cloud system is secure, and developers are working on making it more reliable.

On the other hand, we have seen increased hacker activity recently, and it comes as no surprise that nobody is safe on the Internet. Social engineering is probably the most severe example of how you can get exposed and threatened online.

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Far From Perfect:

Running an automated and effective large service is no easy task, which is why sometimes people can experience Cloud outages. Even though the servers are down for a short period of time, it is still possible that your information is safe.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that you should always have a copy of valuable information on hard drives, so that you can still have them, if anything happens to the Cloud. Moreover, make sure that you never store any sensitive data online, because it might jeopardize your business if there is an information leak.


Secure Your Data On The Cloud:

Hybrid cloud computing is going to become a crucial aspect of IT services, and this fact will directly drive attention from hacker groups. Do not take password security lightly. It might seem like a fragile front line, but it could be what keeps the hackers from getting your vital information. Make sure you install third party software to further enhance security if needed.

You should always look into what different companies offer, so that you do not end up having bogus measures which are easy to bypass. You should take into account that your web hosting service should have a certain level of security.

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Restrict Access To Your Cloud Services:

Keep in mind that limiting who can access what and from which devices will be crucial in adding another layer of security. By installing remote access software you can be sure that your data will be encrypted and not easy for anyone to crack. Moreover, it will enable a secure channel between the Cloud system and your employees, so that the transferred data will not be lost.

The same can be done for the mobile servers, and it is recommended to encourage users to establish strong passwords. However, the emphasis should also be on encryption and remote access monitoring.

Is The Cloud Still Viable?

There is a large number of companies which use Cloud services, and they do not seem like stopping anytime soon. Even though working across the Internet might seem less secure, it is still proving to be a reliable service. Even with its flaws, it is possible to get a lot of work done, but, an increase in security measures will be necessary for securely handling work.

The Future Of Internet Security:

It is clear that Internet security is going to be a big issue even in the future, and no matter what kind of system we implement there is always going to be a way to counter it. The best we can do is pay attention to security measures, and encrypt sensitive data.

Eddie TaylorAbout the Author: Originally from Charleston, SC, Eddie Taylor is an organizational manager with great passion for tech-innovations in startups, and is currently employed as an outside consultant for various Internet Security companies, exploring the alternative approach of remote access softwares. Worked as a consultant and as an author for many companies and small businesses, with a long career in business solutions writing, including financial and marketing plans, plus PQQ and tender. In her free time, Eddie enjoys travelling, especially discovering new destinations in Europe and listening to Pink Floyd.

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