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Customize Your E-Commerce Site Using These 7 Magnificent Tools

Customize Your E-Commerce Site Using These 7 Magnificent Tools

As an e-commerce website owner, you may have come across occasions when your target market brings little or no profits for you. At this juncture, it is very important that you devise a plan of action to stop losing your customers by making their shopping experience more enjoyable.

If you do not have one such plan, it is recommended that you try e-commerce website customizing tools to recover from the slump and make your shoppers love your site every time they visit it. There are tools for every kind of customization that you desire to be incorporated in your website. All that you need to do is identify the right tools that you need for your website and then see the magic that the software unfolds.

For best results, try to customize your e-commerce site using these 7 magnificent tools:

1.) WP Greet Box:

Well begun is half done. A properly welcomed customer feels positive about the site and the personal touch adds on to his desire to maintain a relationship with the website. WP Greet Box is one such WordPress plugin that greets the customers coming to your website by displaying personal messages. Referrers such as Twitter, Digg and Facebook are supported by this tool.

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WP Greet box is one of the best tools to raise the number of your email subscribers as it enables the owner to design a customized box and put it on top of each post to catch the attention of the customer towards messages and sign ups. Visitors have been known to welcome such personalized gestures.

2.) LoopIt:

Personalizing the users’ browsing experience has been the desire of every e-commerce website owner. The LoopIt tool does just that by allowing a “ask your friend” button in the page carrying the product. This is a wonderful way to add a new customer to your website. This tool adds a new dimension to the conventional word-of-mouth marketing and enables your website stand out of the crowd. This tool will provide you the real review of your website and products and what people think about your service. You also get an insight into what is influencing your buyers’ purchase decisions.

3.) SiteApps:

With this tool you can offer a complete shopping experience to your customer. This e-commerce tool allows you to integrate various applications such as analytic extensions, media widgets and feedback forms. The biggest advantage of using this tool lies in the fact that it allows additions of features without any extra coding effort. Also, you can customize the appearance of this app. You can decide to who all should this app be visible, when should it appear and the way it interacts with the visitor.

Customize Your E-Commerce Site Using These 7 Magnificent Tools

4.) WooCommerce Currency Converter:

This is a tool to manage your international customers. It automatically detects the location of the customer and offers him or her the product prices in the currency of their location. This impresses the international client by sending across a message that they are valued and also expedites the shopping process.

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5.) CNET Intelligent Cross Sell:

This is ‘the tool’ for online consumer electronic products sellers. It is basically a software to manage cross cells and upcells depending on what attributes has the site patented like behavioral data of the customer, profitability, reviews etc.

–> Here are two tools to enhance your customer service:

6.) Zopim:

Zopim is basically a software that is capable of monitoring the visitors to your site and engaging with them through chat. This is therefore also called Live Support software as it is an online chat application specifically designed to give online assistance.

Zopim gives a near real shop experience in terms of customer support by enabling live conversations. It is also capable of making you aware of what product are the customers looking at and on what page.

7.) Zendesk:

This tool takes the aspect of customization to a very precise form. It enables a one-on-one customer support via tools like live chat, phone, websites etc. This enables you to get a comprehensive understanding of your prospective buyer such as his buying history, contact information etc. thus allowing you to serve him or her a more customized and personalized experience on your website.

With the kind of technology driven market that you come across these days, it is best to incorporate as much of it in your website as possible. You, as an e-commerce entrepreneur, will come across several additions in the list of such tools and for keeping pace with others, you must keep your senses open towards latest developments to gain engagement with the customer and achieve an insight into his needs and choices.

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About the Author:
Derek Fraser is an online manager for Luxury Rehab Center. He likes to blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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