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Top 6 Criteria Before Signing A Contract With Your Hosted VoIP Provider

Nearly 36% of companies use some sort of VoIP services. Specialists argue that the number will increase as more will choose VoIP over conventional phone equipment. Unlike on-premise PBXs and traditional POTS systems, VoIP is scalable. Every provider struggles to stand above the crowd and provide unique services to prospects. Before signing the contract, make sure to have these 6 criteria in mind.

1.) Straightforward Administration & Deployment:

Competent VoIP solutions feature easy installation and little equipment. All you need to make it work is an IP phone, gateway device and voice router. When searching for a hosted VoIP provider, your choice should also include professional assistance. There’s another option: self-installation. Following the installation process, customers are offered an online portal. They can use it to order extra features, receive answer on their concerns, or add extensions.

2.) Qos Benefits And Security Safeguards:

A business VoIP system that’s reliable and secure is very important. You should settle on a provider that keeps a close eye on your network 24/7. This way, you are guaranteed that your network performs at top level. This is where QoS comes in; it provides customers with the assistance need to make sure their issues are handled in a timely fashion. Decide on a system that includes easy configuration and hacking prevention.

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3.) Avoid Hidden Charges:

Hosted VoIP services are much more conveniently-priced than conventional services. Companies should watch out as some providers have hidden costs. If your chosen provider has “unlimited calls” included in the package, verify to be sure these are not out of network calls (which are susceptible to extra charges). Always read the fine print first.


4.) Find A Vendor That Has Nothing To Hide (Financially):

Hosted VoIP services are not new. Nonetheless, even though they’ve been around since the 90s, it’s tough to make a pick. Before making a final choice, assess financials to be sure your chosen provider has a good reputation. Take all the time you need to analyze their offer before settling. Check financials, background, and online reviews; this will ensure you that you’ve made the right call.

5.) Assess To See Whether Or Not Your Chosen Vendor Offer Disaster Recovery:

Think twice before deciding on a vendor. If something bad happens, like a flood or earthquake, it’s best to be insured. Not all VoIP providers can afford to provide disaster recovery. Rather than be sorry down the road, it’s best to stay safe. As a responsible business, company or startup, you should use voice services to stay connected 24/7. It’s equally important to send replies on time; otherwise your return on investment may not be as expected.

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6.) Know Your Voip Provider’s Features:

Before making a final decision, you should know exactly what services your VoIP provider has to offer. Since every business demands phone services, the type is up to you. Get more information on what the provider has to provide; be careful as some don’t reveal all their services. Call forwarding, for example, is often overlooked. In terms of features, some of the best are:

  • Auto attendant
  • Conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Internet fax

As a business, it’s only natural to have personal needs. This means before making a final choice, you must be specific. Don’t sign a contract without reading it carefully beforehand. What sort of phone system best matches with the needs and wants of your company? Settle on a phone system provider with the hardware and packages to cater to your demands.

An informed decision becomes vital in this case. The right hosted VoIP system is an outstanding phone service; it’s also extremely useful in business. But don’t assume that all systems or providers are the same; because they’re not. Some only seem reliable; underneath they have hidden costs or services that a customer may not really need.

Before settling, perform a detailed research and ensure you settle on a VoIP provider that matches with your demands; there’s a wealth of services and packages you can choose from. It’s not a very good idea to select the most affordable just because it’s cost-efficient. Make an informed decision and your business will thrive.

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