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Few Essential Tips That Web Designer Needs To Understand

Few Essential Tips That Web Designer Needs To Understand

Internet has given enough reasons to the people around the world to remain hooked to their surfing devices, be it their cell phones, PCs, Laptops, tablets, etc. The businesses have also grown manifolds exploiting this opportunity and increasing their customer base extending it to the other countries as well where their products are needed despite physical boundaries. In more than the 97% of the deals and transaction through net involves conversation, communication, interaction, whatever you wish to call it, takes place through the website. So, for a web designer, it is very essential to pay attention to some of the tips to make their project a success.

SEO Friendly: Search Engine Should Find Your Creation:

Knowing and understanding SEO is all you need to do. It would make your website visible to maximum surfers. That includes keywords, images, links, tags, etc. Not exactly expertise but a better understanding of client and his requirement can do that for you.

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Speed And Navigation: Let Them Move Fast:

Make your webpage with tools and methods to give it a speed, even if the connection is slow. Connection to other links that expand on the topics you have to provide with information. This will allow your readers to get required data of every kind in less amount of time and hence they will love to come to your website again.

Few Essential Tips That Web Designer Needs To Understand

Colors And Images: Enhance The Look Of The Page:

Background images/colors and their combinations play a critical role in visual experience of the readers and visitors to your website. Make sure there should be nothing offending to the eyes with respect to nations as well. Size of images also has impact on the visitor. They should be small to speed up the download of the website but not so small that they make seeing them uncomfortable. That can also be facilitated by CSS Sprites for navigation icons and logos.

Written Content: Don’t Make Mistake:

An error free and grammatically correct material is a must as it is a mark of quality people expect without knowingly expecting it and might revert to your competitor just because of that. Spellings are another such thing that you need to stick to basics, understanding them from the perspective of a reader. Making the content up to the standards of Search Engine Optimization is also an aspect of it.

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HTML, XTML And Codes: Take Care Of Technicalities:

HTML and XTML is the language you will use to color the Internet with your design. Instinctive knowing of appropriate tags to be used in HTML for proper indexing by search Engine will help you to perform exceptionally.

SMO Is The New Way: Marketable “Socially”:

Inspired by the success of Social platforms where millions of people are making new friends and interacting with each other, Social Media Optimisation is also one thing you know and make your website accordingly. You must know how best to make use of it.

There could be many other things that could be added to the above ideas but the task rests with you now to explore more!

About the Author:
This article has been written by Deepak Gupta who is an expert in web development. He has been associated with a reputed web development India company that provides professional web development services.

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