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Black Friday: Fantastic Facts, Stats & Predictions

With increasing commercialization a number of festivals have been reshaped as major occasions for shopping. Right from Christmas Discounts to New Year Inaugural Sales, there are a number of sales strategies that are designed to align with a certain festival. However, one particular occasion that is essentially a shopping festival is Black Friday. The day is celebrated in US and UK with great excitement. Of late it has also entered the region of Canada with other countries also adopting this shopping festival.

US Still Rocks:

Black Friday is considered as the major shopping holiday in US, UK and Canada. With time it is getting popularity in other parts of the world too. However, the frenzy of Black Friday as seen in US is simply incomparable. Many shops in the US are open during wee hours of morning and some of them open their shutters as soon as it struck 4 AM.

High Surge In Sales:

While the number of Black Friday shopper will remain largely unaffected as compared  to last year, the research shows that Black Friday 2017 will see a whopping 47% YoY increase with every shopper spending around $743. However, the difference of prices is also due to the inflation that took place during the last year.

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Shoppers Have Got Wiser:

Despite of running strategic discount campaigns both online and offline many Americans don’t really buy the idea of companies offering 70-80% discounts. Only approach. 20% of Americans believes that Black Friday really offers lowest prices. So it can be assumed that people throng shops on black Friday majorly to “enjoy the shopping celebration rather than hunting the killer deals.

Increase In Online Shopping:

The number of online shoppers have seen a great rise in the recent years and as many as 29% shoppers are planning o buy online while those who prefer to shop in-store only have dropped down to around 10%. There are others who want to enjoy best of both the worlds with around 21% opting for online and in-store purchases. It can be assumed that such shoppers will do serious shopping on the net while their in-house presence would mainly be focused on enjoying the occasion or window shopping.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Ever Data.

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