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6 Hottest Tips To Make Great High Quality Real Blog Comment

6 Hottest Tips To Make Great High Quality Real Blog Comment

Blog commenting is a common thing among bloggers to boost their seo as per search engine optimization guideline as it share link juice,but very of us do care to use it for traffic building purpose.If you’re seriously interested about blogging and your blog obviously then you should need to take proper care about this.

So now if you’re taking interest in this topic then first you need to you should try to post maximum comment onto same niche blog otherwise your blog may get affected by google algorithms.As we all know there are several blogs out there which have comment awaiting moderation enabled feature or regularly check their comment section,so sometimes it may found hard to post comments there,so here are the tips.

1.) Make Some Valuable Comment:

Always try to post some valuable and content related comment instead of just saying ‘nice post’ or ‘great post’.So first you need to read the entire post completely and then try to add your view onto it.If that post reminds you some related topic then must share that there,don’t just simply repeat comments like what others already commented there.

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2.) Comment Early:

If you’re commenting onto a blog which have huge readership then it’s always recommended to be the first to comment,this way you’d get noticed by not only the blog owner but also the fellow commenters on that blog.Though sometimes it good to let other people comment first so that you can get the idea about how to comment on that particular post if you don’t have much idea on it.

6 Hottest Tips To Make Great High Quality Real Blog Comment

3.) Try to Start a Coversation:

Once you made your comment and then just left,that’s surely not a good thing.You need to check if blog owner or any other fellow replied your comment or not?If yes then you must reply him/her.This way a conversation can begin and you’ll get noticed by blog owner and also other visitor of that blog,so that from the next you made any comment there it would get much priority to get posted.

4.) Don’t Spam:

Many bloggers have the habit to leave their blog url while commenting but there are several blogs which do not allow such spamming,so whenever they noticed your comment would be deleted at their earliest along with blog blog url.So always check comment policy before make your comment.

5.) Try To Be Polite:

Always try to post comments on polite language,don’t use abusive language or make any negative comments about the blo or blog owner.If you don’t agree with the thought of the post you are allowed to share your view but that must be in polite language.Always remember you are commenting there to add value into their content so whatever your view about the topic you must share,even some blog owners like to hear when he/she found such a viewer.

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However, always mind that it’s ok to ‘attack’ the ideas, but not the people behindthe ideas. Challenging stances and ideas are fine, but personal attacks add nothing to the conversation, and make you look like a jackass. Which is definitely you don’t want. You may Feel free to disagree, but don’t be disagreeable.

6.) Ask Questions:

Leaving a question along your comment is another great way of commenting.Content creator always like such enthusiastic audience,but remember the question must be content related.Don’t just make a random question.

Making a comment is not always for backlinking or to drive traffic but it always help to build a strong relationship with your fellow bloggers.So if you’re really interested to make comments on other blogs then you’ll also get the reward back,maybe not today or tomorrow but later.So keep commenting.

About the Author:
Hi,this is Debarpan Mukherjee, a young blogger,entrepreneur,engineering student from kolkata,India.A Technology addicted person.Blog on TechTrickHome and our one too.

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