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Top 5 Common Mistakes By Every Newbie Bloggers At His Beginning

Top 5 Common Mistakes By Every Newbie Bloggers At His Beginning

Blogging become the most popular online activity these days.Youth are showing great interest on this online concept and as a result many newbie blogger are making appearance on this blogging world.While it is a good thing though the sad thing is they are doing some common mistake at their early stage of blogging and as a result they quit blogging.So here we’re going to discuss about 5 of these common mistakes by newbie bloggers.

1.) Lack Of Patience And Time:

Patience is the key of success in any work,so as in blogging.In bloggimg you have to keep patience to become a successful blogger.You can’t be a great blogger within few minute.All those successful bloggers you are seeing online they don’t get that position on a single day,thay worked hard for a long time and ultimately get onto that positionBecome a successful blogger need a certain amount of time.You have to spend some time on daily basis to your blog.All the pro-bloggers still spent a lot of time on their blog to keep their blog perfect and updated to competite with other blog.Daily something new get invented online and do have to know all these along with well research on those topic to keep yourself as well as your blog updated.To do all this thing you need to spent some time.

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2.) Passionless:

To do every work it need to be passionate about that,otherwise you’ll feel bored.If you’re a passionate blogger no matter how much time it’ll take but you’ll become a succesfull blogger one day.There are many newbie who don’t have any passion about this work and after some time get bored,as a result say quit to blogging.

3.) Blindly Running For Getting Money:

The main problem of newbie bloggers.As they saw blogging can make money they blindly run for money but blogging is not all about money.First you have to know what is blogging,how to blogging, get traffic,make your blog well established then you should go for earning money.

4.) Uninterested On Learning:

Blogging is about learn and share,as much you share you’ll learn and vice versa.Newbie bloggers doesn’t taking interest on learning instead of sharing through copy pasting,which is a pretty bad concept and lost the traffic. If you don’t know about something then don’t share from other’s blog,if your audience ask you to answer a question from the topic you can’t and he/she will never get onto your blog.So 1st learn through online then enter in the world of blogging

5.) Some Misconceptions:

There are many misconception available on blogging via online and offline both,but you should take the right one from those.There are also many blogs avaiable which spent some of these misconception about blogging,so be careful from those blogs.Those blackhat concept will only harm your blog and may forced you to quit blogging.So,you must try to follow trusted blogs like exeideas to avoid such blogging misconception

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Hope this article will all the newbie bloggers to establish themselves as a pro-blogger.Have I missed some mistakes that you may have done at your newbie blogging stage,do let us inform through the comment box.

About the Author:
Hi,this is Debarpan, a young blogger,entrepreneur,engineering student from kolkata,India.A Technology addicted person.Blog on TechTrickHome.

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5 Responses to “Top 5 Common Mistakes By Every Newbie Bloggers At His Beginning”

  1. srikanth rao says:

    Hi Debarpan,
    Great and most common Mistakes you shared !! Congrats !! Thanks !!

  2. Souvik Ghosh says:

    Hi bro,
    This is realy a great post..It realy helps the newbies..

  3. Tony LaPolla says:

    Well this is pretty common among all newbie bloggers. Pretty sure in the long as you get the knack out of blogging, you will surely love it.

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