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How To Reach Up To The Expectations Of Customers For eBay Sellers?

How To Reach Up To The Expectations Of Customers For eBay Sellers?

It is generally assumed that huge investment, strong infrastructure and experienced staff are key factors that determine the success of any business. Though, it is true yet there are some other factors as well, that needs to be considered, one factor being customer. Gaining customer satisfaction is not out a challenging task but it is very essential as it ensures the long term survival of the business.

How To Satisfy eBay Customers?

There is no hard and fast rule for achieving success in eBay business but one thing is very clear; you can neither boost sales nor get competitive advantage without making your customers happy. In other words, customers are a real asset for any organization. Customers have a lot of expectations from their favorite sellers and they feel annoyed rather sad when these expectations are not being fulfilled. Following are a few things every eBay customer expects from the sellers.

1.) Fast Response:

Every customer expects that the seller will respond to his or her queries within a record time. So, it is highly suggested responding to your customer mails within 24 hours of receiving the mail.

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Pro Tips:

  • Be friendly with customers while answering their queries
  • Try to check your mails twice a day or at least once a day
  • Do not send generic response. Take some time out to write a unique response that can satisfy the customers.


To see few fantastic template replies (to be edited to fit your store) see this great post from eBay

How To Reach Up To The Expectations Of Customers For eBay Sellers?

2.) Fulfill The Promises:

Sellers make a lot of promises and they also sometimes give guarantee that their product will be of good quality and it will last for longer time period etc. Customers usually trust sellers expecting all these statements to be correct. They feel cheated if eBay sellers fail to keep their promises.

Pro Tips:

  • Do not tell a lie when it comes to your product
  • Provide authentic information to the customers about the product
  • Do not give false statements about the quality of product just to increase your sales

3.) Timely Delivery Of Product:

Every online customer expects to receive the product he has purchased within 10 days of placing the order. It is highly disappointing and unprofessional not to deliver product within this time frame. Majority of the customer switch to other eBay stores after having this bad experience of late delivery.

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Pro Tips

  • EBay sellers should keep the stock of products displayed on their shop.
  • They should have appropriate shipping arrangements done before time.
  • They should update the customer about the exact time of delivering the product.
  • They should respond to customer queries regarding product delivery within minimum time.

4.) Security Of Confidential Information:

Online customers expect that the seller will not reveal their information particularly financial information, contact information and mailing address to any third party.

Pro Tips:

  • EBay sellers should give guarantee to their customers that there information will remain safe with them.

If you are able to fulfill the above mentioned expectations of your customers then you will ultimately get greater number of loyal customers with the passage of time.

About the Author:
Jessica Megan is a dedicated web designer with great love and passion to write for web design, stunning eBay Shop Designs, attractive eBay listing designs and business men doing eCommerce on the internet.

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