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How To Change/Add A Blog Post URL Or Permalink In Blogspot/Blogger?

Change/Add A Blog Post URL Or Permalink In Blogspot/Blogger?

A Few months ago, Blogger introduce Dynamic Post Description TagCustom 404 Error Page, Redirects and many other good SEO tools but After a long time Blogger is back with a new SEO tools that you have ever heard in wordpress that are to change the blog post permalink or blog post URL to your desired one. So by this new official released tool, you can now change your blogger post URLs or blog post permalink to your desired one and can also helpful to search engine optimization.

What Will Do A Permalink/Post URL On SEO?

You have experienced when searching that every search engine is showing post/page url on his search page. So when you edit this it will be helpful as description when visitor enter any quires, the Search engine will highlight description, title and as well as URL also. So it is very helpful to SEO of your blog because it will increase your chance to display your blog on the top due to lot of keywords.

What Is The Permalink Character Limit?

There is no limit in permalink but since a big search engine only display 70 character as permalink, so it is better to use only 70 character to write a permalink.But you should not have to write 70 character as your permalink because 70 characters is the total requirement and your domain will also occupy some characters and year/Month will also take some characters. So you have to add only 35 characters as your permalink and in short 4-5 strong keywords related to your post.

Which Type Of Character Accepted In Permalink?

As an SEO standard search engines only accept three characters which are colon (:), forward slash (/) and a dash (-). Out of these three, only a dash is under your control because the remaining two are used in http protocol (colon) by browsers and for directory creation (forward slash).

  • It is better to use dashes’-‘ than underscore’_’.
  • Do not use invalid characters ( # ( ) = + ` ? ; ^ & *” : / | [] . ‘ $ % ,! @)
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Difference Between Good And Bad Permalink?

A good permalink mean the collection of keywords so you have to add only strong keyword into your permalink. Never try to add preposition and also never try to write an incomplete sentence.As description will show the visitor that what is in this page similarly a permalink will also show your visitor that what is in this post. So write a complete sentence with minimum use of preposition.

How To Add Permalink In Blog Posts?

1.) Go To Your
2.) Open Your Desire Blog.
3.) Create A “New Post“.
4.) Have A Look On Right Side Bar And You Will Experience A “Permalink” Option Text.
5.) Now Click On This And Choose “Custom URL” In Permalink Option And Type Important Keywords That Describes Your Post.
6.) Click “Done” And “Publish” To Go.
7.) Didn’t Got It, Just Have A Look On Below ScreenShoot.

How To Change/Add A Blog Post URL Or Permalink In Blogspot/Blogger?

You Can Not Edit Your Published Post URLs Or Permalink.

Final Words:

Here we share complete knowledge on custom permalink in blogger. But still if you have any doubt or query then feel free to ask me. Think twice before edit it because once published can’t be re-edit again. Like it than share and comment here…

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30 Responses to “How To Change/Add A Blog Post URL Or Permalink In Blogspot/Blogger?”

  1. Hammad Baig says:

    Major Drawback in Blogger,Awesome post see this article on my blog with Complete guide Blogger Introduced Permalink Tool To Create Custom URLs

  2. king toqeer says:

    yeah very nice and helpful information about seo process.
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  3. says:

    Yes, it is very help full.

  4. thankx for this useful post….

  5. king toqeer says:

    Great post! it is so interesting point , that forum marketing is not really suited for niche sites,
    Thanks !
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  6. Georgia Stapleton says:

    Marvelous work pals, I love reading your articles.
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  7. Maani Syed says:

    But how to remove date, or month and year from the link?

    • EXEIdeas says:

      No, You Can’t Do This Because It’s Default, But If You Ever Seen The Blog URLs In Google Search, Some Times There Is No Day/Month/Year In The Links…

  8. parul behl says:

    nice post. keep on writing.

  9. Hannah says:

    Do you know how to change the url once the post is already posted?

    • EXEIdeas says:

      No, You Can Edit Your URL Once It’s Published Because The Changing Will Bring 404 Errors That Is Against SEO, If You Still Want To Change It, Just Create New Post With Same Data And Title But With Different URL…

  10. Anonymous says:

    how to change complete url even i should not get

    2013/7 also i need like this “”

  11. Anonymous says:

    atleast we can change the date or month in blogger?? some one wantedly blocked my post in fb i am unable post this month’s post in fb… block url is like this (… completely block how to over come help me out….

  12. nice tutorial but is there any way to use custom permalinks for blog pages instead of blog posts on blogger?

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Thanks For Liking Our Tutorial. You Can Not Edit Your Page Permalink. But With A Trick You Can Do This Also. 🙂

      First Write Your Permalink As You Have 3-4 Keywords With Small Letters And With Dashes Instead Of Dashes In Title And Published The Post. Now Again Edit Your Post And Now Add Your 70 Characters Title And Again Updated That Article. 🙂

      Happy Blogging…!!!

  13. ataur says:

    Hello blogger,
    Thanks for my problem solve about permalink.

    Best Regards,

  14. it was always my problem to change Blog Post URL
    i glade to read this post

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