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Top 7 Mistakes Made By Logo Designers

Top 7 Mistakes Made By Logo Designers

A logo is one of the most important aspects of a business. It represents a company. I have seen many designers creating logos but not all of them that are designed create an identity. I am not criticizing or judging anyone’s efforts but I believe many logo designers make some common mistakes, which result in a logo look bad. Whether a logo is created with a simple mark or a hidden message, it must be memorable and instantly recognizable. Remember, by seeing the logo your customers will form first opinion about you, your company and your products/services.

As a professional logo designer, it’s very essential for you to recognize the significance of a logo design. Just designing any logo for the sake of completing a project is not the ideal thing to do. I have come across some good logos and some not-so-good ones. At times, I have seen there was a very thin line that distinguished a good logo from a bad one. In this article, I will be discussing the top 7 mistakes that logo designers usually make. Obviously, I have also included certain things which they should avoid while designing a logo. Read on to know about the common mistakes that logo designers make.

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1.) Uninformed Of The Client’s Brand USP:

Every business has its own USP and as a logo designer you need to learn all about it. Nowadays, most designers do not put their efforts to learn about their client’s business or the USP. I can guarantee you that once you get an idea about the USP of your client you will be able to design the logo in a way that will truly represent your client’s business.

2.) Following Design Trends:

Designing a logo based on trends is possibly going to leave your final design looking out-of-touch. Moreover, as trends change with time, the moment the design trend goes out of fashion, the logo would also look outdated. Rather you must look for design ideas that are never going to fade or would last for years. For instance, you can have a look at the present logo of the BBC. It has been developed in 1997 and has not become dated yet.

Top 7 Mistakes Made By Logo Designers

3.) No Competitor Analysis:

As a professional designer, you should know that competitor analysis is vital for you and should not overlook it. You need to consider your competitors’ logos first and then come up with ideas that can overshadow your competitors.

4.) Overdoing Colors:

Logo designers rely too much on colors. They think that by doing this they will be able to create something, which will stand out from the crowd. This is their biggest mistake. You should try not using more than four colors and if your client requests you to use more colors, then make use of logical combinations and keep in mind the color psychology.

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5.) Wrong Choice Of Fonts:

Choosing the right font for your logo is similar to choosing the right costume for the right event. In fact, it is one of the most vital factors that help to shape your brand identity. As a logo designer, you need to understand and find a balance between the logo type, logo icon and the mood that your brand conveys. You shouldn’t get too close between your logo type and icon as that will get very boring. Make sure you do not come up with logos, which look same as Microsoft Word Art. Choose fonts from font foundries.

Top 7 Mistakes Made By Logo Designers

6.) Copying Other Brands:

I have often found designers looking at others’ logos when they are unable to come up with something original. They make few changes on the logo of the competitor and claim it to be their own idea. Having a logo, which is similar to some other brand devalues the design and makes the trademark forgettable. A logo’s purpose is to make a brand identifiable, so designers need to come up with out-of-the-box ideas to stand out in the crowd.

7.) Making Use Of Pixelated Images:

Many designers use raster images. As an industry veteran, I would recommend you to avoid using them. They cause a lot of problems as they do not allow an image to enlarge without becoming pixelated. Instead, you can go for vector graphics as they maintain clarity and visual consistency across different mediums.

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These are the 7 crucial mistakes made by logo designers. So, while designing a logo you should be aware of these above-mentioned mistakes and sidestep them in order to come up with a logo design that is unique and identifiable by all.

About the Author:
Koustuv Roy is our Guest writer and also works as a website designer in a website designing company. He has a wide data and expirence around his category.

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    Great article, thanks for the tips! Is there any chance that you could maybe make an article about the logo design process in practice next time? Something like this for example would be great for beginners like myself to learn and practice! Thanks! 🙂

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