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Responsive Web Design: A Paradigm Shift In The Industry

Dot Com Infoway (DCI) has recently unveiled its latest infographic which puts the spotlight on one of the most recent and advanced techniques used in the web design industry. Titled “Responsive Web Design: A Paradigm Shift in the Industry”, the infographic provides insights on the concept of responsive web design and the reasons for its rising popularity.

Facts and figures about Internet usage on mobiles vs. desktops are presented in a lucid, engaging format. According to statistics, mobile Internet usage has been growing staggeringly over the past few years and is expected to overtake desktop Internet usage by the year 2013. From 800 million mobile Internet users in 2009, the count is projected to reach 1.9 billion by the year 2015.

Responsive Web Design Infographic

Infographic created by Dot Com Infoway
Re-Published After Legal Permission…

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32 Responses to “Responsive Web Design: A Paradigm Shift In The Industry”

  1. Cris Monde says:

    After reading the infographic above, I realize how important nowadays to switch to responsive web design for the improvement of the site.

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  2. Andrew Parksons says:

    This is a comprehensive inforgraphic from DCI. I think this infographic suggests that it is about time that website owners, who are concerned about their website’s performance across many different view ports and conversions, should consider building a responsive website to, strategically, position significant elements baring effective-messages depending on which view port it is being rendered. A responsive web design could offer an improved conversion, a boost in followership, or a big drop in bounce rate.

    Andrew – Florida Web Design Company

  3. kaizo clark says:

    Haven’t seen the relevance of this in the current trends of web design perth WA. Some still focus on making a very gorgeous website while some are focusing on simple design yet SEO-wise web design.

  4. Web Design Company says:

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  5. Web Design Birmingham says:

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  6. Toronto Web Design says:

    Excellently amazing and exciting too.Can you please mention me the source of your reference… I am happy that at least somebody gave this subject an attention.

  7. Alabama SEO Company says:

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  8. waqas waqar says:

    its a goog information to see i relally like to see this post website design thank u !

  9. mobile web design company says:

    Well, that’s excellent article! I enjoy reading the articles that have good information and ideas to share with each reader. it was rale useful for me.navigator sharing specified ideas in the instant as symptomless.

    As the volume of mobile and tablet search traffic grows, companies are realising more and more how important it is to have a website that is tailored to a variety of screen resolutions. Responsive web design is an art that is only now starting to be refined.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome Here And Thanks For Liking Our Article. Thanks For Your Views About NextGen Designing. It Will Help To Newbies To Get Aware Of Responsive Shift Too. Be With Us And Keep Sharing Your Views…

  10. Responsive design is necessary for a successful website. The post is very useful. While designing a site several points must be kept in mind and the most important one is to keep in mind the users and their needs. major requirement these days is to design a website which is easily accessible on smartphones too. So to be a successful designer, design the platform independent website.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome Here And Thanks For Liking Our Post. Also Thanks To Leaving Your Feedback And Describing How Important Responsive Designing Is To Newbies.

  11. harryadam43 says:

    Thanks! Your infographic is awesome and I realize by this infographic, what is the importance of responsive design. My website is not a responsive but now I made this. Some days later my friend suggest me a best web design company to change my website design, but I ignore it because I did not know about responsive design clearly. Now I will take help that company to make my website responsive. It is called :

    • EXEIdeas says:

      You Are Welcome. In New Era Of Designing, Responsive Is As Important As SEO But With Speed Too. So Upgrade Your Site Thinking All Possibilities.

  12. Rohit says:

    Thanks for your detailed information. You need to have attractive and informative elements in your website to impress visitors on the first site. Infographic will help you to deliver information in attractive way.

  13. Lucy Grace says:

    Thank you for this wonderful infographic. It was really informative.So thanks

  14. Priya says:

    i, It is nice for reading your article. I am impressed by reading important point in your article. Excellent article. thanks for sharing with public, I know about your informative blog from my buddy prathap, chennai, India. I have read atleast few blogs and be honest, your technical blog provides the most useful information for the developers like me. This is the knowledge that I had been craving for and look forward to have the new article frequently. Once gain Thanks for your public blog.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your views. We will try to work more hard to provide more awesome content.

  15. Vijaya says:

    Thank you very much, the information you convey very useful.

  16. Crystal Clear Explanation about Responsive web design, it’s really useful for the fresher to know the detailed stuff.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your view. This will be very helpful to us to let us motivate to provide you more awesome and valuable content from a different mind. Thanks again.

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