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A Review About The Pros And Cons Of The Blackberry Curve 9320

Pros And Cons Of The Blackberry Curve 9320

The Blackberry Curve is a budget smartphone, but as we all know if something is described as ‘budget’ it can be code for ‘it is just ‘OK’. So here is a helpful review that will reveal the pros and cons of the Blackberry Curve 9320.

Measurements And Weight:

Measuring 109 x 60 x 12.77 mm and weighing 103g, it is quite heavy and a feels a little bit chunky. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it does feel like a high quality piece because of how sturdy it feels. It is not angular like similarly priced smartphones but has sophisticated curved corners, hence the name the Blackberry Curve.

Device Display:

It has a fairly basic screen that has a 320×240 pixel display. With only 164 PPI density it is not the best screen in the world, but does the job it is supposed. You will not be amazed by its visual quality however it does what you need.

The BlackBerry Curve is an excellent choice of phone for you or your child’s first smart phone. If, however, you want to upgrade to a more sophisticated model of smart phone or BlackBerry then sell your blackberry curve to make money to buy it.

Does It Have A Touch Screen?

The Blackberry Curve 9320 doesn’t have a touch screen feature but there is a RIM’s signature optical track pad that will allow you to navigate on screen. Around the track pad are four standard BlackBerry buttons. Call, back, menu and hang up. These buttons feel rather old fashioned as they are all mechanical rather than the popular touch sensitive feature of many other smart phones.

A Review About The Pros And Cons Of The Blackberry Curve 9320

Keyboard Features:

Favoured by most smart phones the Blackberry Curve has a qwerty keyboard. It is a physical keyboard where you press in the keys rather than a touch screen so for people who struggle with typing on a touch screen this is excellent. Unfortunately the keys are small and the keyboard is a little bit cramped making it quite frustrating when trying to type a quick email or text message.

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Camera Features:

On the reverse of this simply styled phone is a 3.2 MP camera and LED light. There is no front facing camera which is a bit disappointing as the majority of smartphones today have a feature. The rear of the phone is made from glossy black plastic that causes the exterior to appear cheap.

Call Quality:

This budget, smartphone has fantastic call quality and encounters no trouble when trying to hold onto signal. Against the ear the BlackBerry Curve is wonderfully comfortable so you will have no trouble contacting your friends.


Unfortunately there are not many apps available for this phone, so if you love trying new apps this probably isn’t the phone for you. It does however do everything else you’d want it to do – call, text, access the internet, take pictures.

It doesn’t matter if the phone you purchase is top of the line or a budget model, just make sure it suits you needs and does the basics extremely well.

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4 Responses to “A Review About The Pros And Cons Of The Blackberry Curve 9320”

  1. pain says:

    I am not much of a fun of blackberry since the beginning but also I read and liked your review about this phone,,so good job bro

  2. seems like a nice one buy I would prefer samsung rather than blackberry.Anyway nice review bro.

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