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How To Make Your Site Memorable?

A memorable website translates into a successful business. For that reason, here some tips to translate your site into one that people will notice and pay attention to.

There are a lot of sites out there – over a billion, as internet live stats tells us. That’s about a page for every seven people. And as Himalayan yak farmers don’t really need their own internet page and another billion people are illiterate, that means we might have a bit of a surplus. It shows, with a huge number of pages never getting visited.

You don’t want your pages to become part of that statistic. But wishful thinking alone won’t make sure that’s true. You have to take steps to make your page useful and memorable. If you can do that, then you’ve got a chance that it’s not only you mom who comes to your page.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. How do you actually go about making your page memorable?

Start With Load Times:

Did you know that you can lose half of your audience if your page does not load in two seconds? However pretty your site might be, that’s a lot of people who are never going to find out! So, for that reason you should take steps to increase your load time.

Fortunately, that’s not too hard. Google themselves have a useful tool that tells you how quickly your page loads. Not only that, but they’ll also give you suggestions about what you can do to improve the load time. Follow what they’ve got to say and you’re going to be able to sway a lot more people with the rest of the suggestions I’ve got.

Use A Good Layout:

Layout is tricky, as you’ve got to walk a fine line where you don’t want to be too run of the mill that people think it looks just like everybody else’s site but you don’t want to be too different that people don’t get it and desert your page.

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For that reason, your best bet is to create a variation of a proven theme. Find a page that you like and that your users find user-friendly and engaging. Then loosely copy the main elements – like positioning and layout – for your own page.

The best pages to use for this are ones that aren’t directly in your industry. Instead, look to industries that serve the same kinds of customers, but are still different enough that it’s not immediately obvious you’ve used it for inspiration.


Now, it doesn’t matter how pretty your page is, if it doesn’t deliver the content that your users are looking for, then people are going to leave it in a heartbeat. So, make sure that your content is actually of a good enough quality and meets the needs of your audience.

One of the best ways to make sure that your audience gets what they want is to know your SEO, so that the people that find your page through Google will actually find the answers on the page that they need.

There is a lot to SEO, but some of the ones to remember are that your keywords have to appear both in the heading for the article as well as in the description. Also, make sure that individual pages stick to specific topics, so that Google know what they’re about and the people who land there can easily find the information they’re looking for.

Color Schemes:

Have you heard of something called color theory? It’s the relationship between different colors and why some colors work well together while others don’t. Though the field is expansive and I can understand that you might not feel like reading the entire thing, what you should definitely check out is what is known as a color wheel.

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These are great as they allow you to effectively choose what colors go well with your main color and in that way make your page more visually appealing to your audience. Professional designers use this tool all the time. Now so can you, without having to pay a few thousand dollars!



Images are another big deal. That’s because though the words might be interesting, they take time to process. Images, on the other hand, are things we immediately see and that we immediately have opinions about.

Just as importantly, when our pages get shared through social media, then the main image is the one that gets put up with the share or the link. If that image isn’t interesting (or even worse, isn’t there) then chances are people aren’t going to click through to find out if your site is interesting! And that translates into a lot less people who you can impress.

Your best bet is to pay an actual photographer to give you high-quality content that fits your page, as these will then serve to both bring people to your page and give it a feeling of real professionalism when they arrive.

Be careful with stock images – particularly ones that are free. These can often be of high quality. The problem is, they’re also going to be used by a lot of other websites, which will take away what makes them special. Even worse, you don’t have any control over what other pages use them, which means they might be associated with stuff you really don’t want people to link to your site.

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Consider having at least one face on your website – preferably an attractive one. Why? Because we’ve got a thing for faces. That makes sense. After all, we’re social animals and we can read a lot of emotions and intent from other people’s faces. As a result, we focus on them.

What’s more, when you put faces on your websites, your de-anonymizing your website. Suddenly your no longer some – dare I say it? – faceless corporation but you’re once again people. And that creates far more trust and likability.

Note that you don’t even have to say that the person works in your company or in any other way suggest that this is who you are. That stuff will all happen subconsciously in the user’s brain – and the great advantage of things that happen subconsciously is that they can’t then go and disagree with them.

Less Is More:

It is better to have a simple page that does what it’s supposed to do well than to build something extravagant that fails to deliver. This is especially true nowadays with the minimalistic functionality of many pages. People prefer a clean layout where they can find what they want quickly and easily to something that is so busy trying to impress that it ends up being confusing.

What’s more, if you go for the simpler design, you’ll also have that quick load time that we discussed before – which means that it’s far more likely people actually arrive at your site to see what it’s all about.

Dina IndelicatoAbout the Author:

Dina Indelicato is a blogger enthusiast and freelance writer. She is always open to research about new topics and gain new experiences to share with her readers. Currently she is a writer for Pick Writers.

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