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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Shopping Cart

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Shopping Cart

How many realize the underlying power of shopping cart and checkout process? These two are the most vital variables having the ability to enhance or denounce online stores, and tapping their powers can produce massive sales. Stats reveal that the shopping cart, checkout process related woes in the past 2 years is almost diminishing and momentum has started to build up in improving the two unparalleled conversion factors of shopping sites.

However, the points that I’m going to discuss right down in this post will definitely assist online entrepreneurs to set up a customer-friendly shopping cart on Magento websites with a soothing checkout page and outstanding designing attributes for optimal benefits. Let’s get started and you’re just a few minutes away from mastering the art of optimizing your shopping cart to perfection, for better business practices.

Perplexed Checkout Process:

It is often better to optimize a shopping cart rather opting to convince customers for buying products. The following steps that I’ve discussed below can prove worthy to most businesses when thronged by customers. While generating leads is found to be a simple task to many, converting the leads to buyers can be uphill task for online entrepreneurs. Here, I’ve listed out major checkout process issues and how to deal with them effectively for incredible conversions.

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Long And Graveling Form Field Filling During Checkout Process:

Often designers confront tough problems when designing a shopping cart as it is the backbone of all online stores. Developing shopping cart involves creativity, attraction, intuitive designing, and apart from all the above, simplicity. A cardinal factor many online businesses fail to account for when formulating a shopping cart is the simplicity compared to other fascinating factors.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Shopping Cart

Stats reveal shopping cart abandonment occurs whenever a customer is forced to fill data in more than 5 pages during the checkout process. Even if your shopping cart is developed with lucrative designs and layout, no one will bother if it isn’t simple! So, reducing the checkout pages from 5 to 3 or 4 on your Magento website would be handy in converting the visitors to buyers.

If you aren’t sure which fields to discard, I’ll suggest you with a few: credit card type, cardholder name, card description, location description, business name, other contact numbers, etc. can be eliminated to shorten the checkout process.

Online buyers are often on a hurry and they neither have the time nor the patience to fill several input fields when it comes to buying online. Keep it short and simple, and make it easier for the customers to buy the product they wish to in a quick manner.

Negligent Designing With Repulsive Colors:

Of course, it is true that checkout page plays a crucial role in the process of converting visitors to buyers; no denying it, but one cannot discard the role of designing as it has the power to grab the attention of visitors that shine a glance on your Magento website. In fact, eye-catching colors have the ability to showcase your Magento website captivatingly online.

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From a recent survey, “most trusted colors” preferred by top retailers for their shopping cart background are as follows:

  1. White (88%)
  2. Grey (3%)
  3. Other Colors (9%)

And the frontend display text favored by them is found to be Black (94%) and other colors (6%).

Well, apart from the background color and frontend text, “BUY NOW” buttons need to be attractively colored as well. As per the survey report, popular retailers bat for Red (29%), Green (20%), Blue (19%), Orange (10%), other colors (22%), respectively based on customer visits.

A few more features implemented by successful top retailers on shopping carts include:

  1. Express checkout (82%)
  2. Guest checkout (68%)
  3. Multiple shipping options with no hidden charges (100%)
  4. Gift cards or coupons (72%)


Any shopping cart developed with the above-stated combination of checkout page and designing aspect will sure-fire and you can bet my words on that. The information disclosed above is extracted from popular surveys conducted by various media. They are trial-tested and proven methods that had (have) delivered goods for most top selling online businesses. Design your online shopping cart with perfection today and join the band of profit-driven online businesses today! If you are interested on enhancing the shopping cart (if raised on Magento) performance, try the popular extensions like One Step Checkout, Social Login, Reviews and Ratings, etc. for better optimization and conversion.

About the Author:
This article is contributed by Krish Kash, content expert providing technology solutions on Magento Magento Product Discount Extension. His other areas of interest include SEO, SMO.

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