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PHP Vs. Python – Which Is Better – A Solution To The Never-Ending Debate

Businesses from various niches have to rely on the web and digital technologies nowadays across the globe. It is quite difficult for any brand to sustain and prosper without using the web and mobile applications. Having a website is no longer enough for wooing the customers and racing ahead of segment rivals. However, it is also important to pick the right platform or language for developing cutting-edge web applications. Python and PHP are two top contenders in this regard.

Picking Between PHP And Python:

Both Python and PHP have been on the web development scene for a long time, and both have their cult following too. Developers have been divided in their opinions regarding the supremacy of one over the other for decades. While both are robust and versatile programming languages- they were intended for different purposes. Python was developed as a general-purpose language, while PHP was meant for developing web applications.

The Basics Of Python:

Python is an object-oriented programming language laden with dynamic semantics. This general-purpose language, first unveiled in 1991, has been used extensively for creating different types of programs and applications. Its ease of usage has worked in its favour. The open-source language has a huge ecosystem of frameworks, tools, and IDEs. The popular derivatives of Python include Falcon, Flask, Django, and Pyramid.

Usage Of Python:

Since its inception, Python has been used for:

  • Web application development.
  • Software testing.
  • Automation or scripting.
  • Data analysis and ML.
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Top Features Of Python:

  • Simple syntax – It is much like English, so beginners can learn and understand it without hassles.
  • Versatility – Python can be deployed for many purposes, from ML to web development, with ease.
  • Cross-platform – Python works on several platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Scalability – Python is quite scalable, making things easier for developers.


The Basics Of PHP:

PHP is a server-side scripting language, Open Source in nature. It was unveiled in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It has been used primarily for developing dynamic web applications. A majority of websites you can find today are based on PHP or one of its derivative products. Now in version 8.1, PHP offers solid integration with popular database systems, and it also boasts of a huge online support community. Popular PHP-based CMS and frameworks include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Yii, and Laravel. You can find PHP website development services almost everywhere nowadays.

Usage Of PHP:

Since its inception, PHP has been used for:

  • E-Commerce portal development.
  • Dynamic web page creation.
  • Online communities.
  • Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Project management tool.


Top Features Of PHP:

  • Cross-Platform support – Like Python, PHP also supports multiple platforms natively.
  • Open Source – This ensures PHP development cost stays on the lower side.
  • Database Integration – PHP supports many of the popular database systems such as MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Huge online community – Given PHP’s long tenure in the web development scene- it is only natural that the online support community is humongous.


Python And PHP: Face-Off

It is quite hard to say which of the two languages is better than the other. However, it is still feasible to compare them on some key grounds.

  • Complexity – Both Python and PHP are object-oriented languages with cross-platform and OS compatibility. However, syntax-wise, PHP is somewhat rigid compared to python. In the latter, debugging is also simplified. This explains why companies tend to hire veteran PHP developers. It is prudent that you hire an ace PHP developer or an offshore PHP web development company.
  • Performance – The general perception among the developers is that Python is faster than PHP-mostly owing to its Just-In-Time compiler. While this is not totally wrong, the reality is the new version of PHP has become faster than its predecessors. On the performance front, PHP is no longer sluggish. Even then, developers may opt for Python for creating applications within short timelines.
  • Security – When developing a web or mobile application, businesses cannot overlook the security aspect at all. A snazzy-looking app with an aesthetic UI but poor security features does not cut much ice. Python scores very well on the security front, and it is preferred by the govt agencies often. PHP used to be blasted for security issues in the past. However, the new version of PHP is better on this ground. In any case, you will have to hire a suitable PHP software development company to get a secure application made.
  • Community Support – Both languages have been in the web development sector for a long time. So, both of them enjoy the support of huge online communities. The developers gain from the existence of such thriving online support groups.
  • Scalability and derivatives – Both the languages have spent several decades in the web development scene, and with new releases, they have become more scalable than the earlier versions. Both languages have several frameworks and derivatives. PHP developers prefer using frameworks like Symfony and Laravel. Python has robust and versatile frameworks like Flask and Django. On a finer analysis, Python-based solutions are more scalable in nature than the PHP-based ones.
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PHP Vs. Python: Choose According To Your Development Needs

So, it is quite clear both PHP and Python are suited for web development needs. Over the years, both languages have been enhanced, and the newest versions come with cutting-edge features loved by the ace developers. However, businesses with a plan to incorporate futuristic and emerging technologies like AI and ML in their applications and portals should opt for Python. Python’s libraries enjoy a slight edge over those of PHP. So, Python fits the bill when you want to develop applications laden with emerging technologies.

However, PHP is still the first choice for general web development needs globally. It is being used extensively to develop e-commerce and other types of websites. It is also a good contender for building database-driven websites.

Picking The Best Company For PHP And Python Development:

Whether you select Python or PHP for your business needs depends largely on the project and end-user needs. However, you will definitely have to sign up for the services of a suitable and professional Python or PHP development company. Given the fact there are many such agencies, you will have to assess the contenders using vital parameters. This is applicable even when you hire any freelance PHP or python developer or opt for the services of an offshore development company. You have to assess the contenders on grounds like reputation, portfolio, client base, feedback, and response type.

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