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Facebook TimeLine and Profile Pic Size/Dimensions

Facebook TimeLine and Profile Picture Size/Dimensions Available Here.

Facebook TimeLine and Profile Pic Size/Dimensions

Facebook Intriduced New Timeline like interface. They have added cover photo option in profiles, groups as well as pages. You can now add a custom designed large cover photo to your Facebook profile or page. Read more to know the exact dimensions of Facebook Profile Picture and Timnline Photos.

Area/Dimention Divided For Facebook Timeline Pic

Exact sizes of Facebook Profile Photo and Timnline Photos are given below with the sample images.

Facebook New Timeline Design Full Dimensions

Dimensions/Size of Facebook TimeLine:-
You can add a single cover photo of dimensions mentioned below.
Facebook TimeLine  Width: 851 pixels
Facebook TimeLine  Height: 314 pixels

Facebook Timeline Cover Dimention

Dimensions of Facebook Profile Pic:-

Profile pictures are smaller than before. The dimensions for  Facebook  Profile Picture are mentioned below.
Facebook Profile Pic Width: 180 pixels
Facebook Profile Pic Height: 180 pixels

Facebook Profile Pic Dimentions
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