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How Facebook Hacker Can Hack Your Facebook Account In 2017?

Today I will describe the top 15 Facebook ID hacking methods in this article, which is used by the Facebook hackers to hack Facebook ID. I hope that you will read the entire article patiently. To protect your Facebook ID from hackers, it is extremely important matter for you to know about these methods and how they work. So, let’s get started.

1.) Facebook Account Hacking Through Phishing Attacks:

Phishing is the most popular method of hacking Facebook ID. Phishing attacks are done in a variety of ways. In simple words, phishing attack is an attack, where the hacker creates a same kind of page like Facebook login page and upload to a hosting. When the victim clicks the given link and enter the website, he can see an exact page like Facebook and when the victim enters his ID and password, the victim’s ID and passwords become saved in a text file.

How To Stay Safe From Phishing Attacks?

You should see the web addresses always. Facebook use web and mobile sub-domain for computer and mobile respectively. Don’t fall into the trap of other kind of other types of addresses. Always use updated and popular internet browser in your device. Updated browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox automatically detect phishing pages and warn you. If you get a message in your inbox from an unknown person and you are told to login somewhere, then ignore those messages.

2.) Facebook ID Hacking Through The Use Of Key Logger:

Hacking Facebook ID through key logger is one of the simplest method. An experienced man who has good skills in computer and internet may fall into the trap of key logger. Key logger is a small program. If it is installed on the victim’s computer, then it can save all the records in the form of logs which is typed in victim’s computer and later it will send the logs to hackers FTP or to the email address of the hacker.

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How Can You Protect Yourself From Key Logger?

Always download software from trusted websites. Always scan USB device before using it. Use good quality antivirus software which gives good internet security so that you can stay safe from key logger.

3.) Saved Password Of The Browser:

When we login in an account using any browser, the browser asks us whether we would like to save the account ID and password. If you save the ID and password in your browser, then anyone who will use your computer can see your Facebook password through the browser’s password manager. If you go to chrome://settings/passwords through Google Chrome browser, then you can see all the saved password of that browser.

How To Keep Yourself Safe?

Do not save passwords in a browser. Always use difficult password for your ID. Use private window while browsing internet from another device.

4.) Hacking Facebook ID Via Session Hijacking:

Session hijacking attack can be very harmful for you if you do not use your Facebook ID in a secure connection and use non secure (HTTP) connection. Hacker steals the victim’s browser cookies through this attack. Cookies help users to go to different pages of a website. Giving password in every page would be a trouble for the users. Therefore, the use of cookies was started. Hacker can take control of your account hijacking the cookies through this attack.

How Can You Keep Yourself Safe From Session Hijacking?

Session hijacking is widely used in LAN and Wi-Fi connection. So use trusted LAN and Wi-Fi connection and be careful.

5.) Facebook ID Hack Using Side Jacking Method Through Firesheep:

Hacking Facebook account through this method became popular around the year 2010. Hackers can take control of a Facebook account by attacking with side jacking through Firesheep but the attack will be possible when the victim and the hacker will be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Actually side jacking attack is same as HTTP session hijacking but Wi-Fi users are targeted in this attack.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From This Attack?

You will hand over the cookies to the hacker using HTTP connections. Always use HTTPS. Hackers can intercept the cookies while using HTTPS but cannot do anything using the cookies as the cookies are encrypted. Always log out after your work. Try not to use free and open Wi-Fi network. You can use VPN for security.

6.) Mobile Phone Hacking:

Millions of Facebook users are using Facebook through the help of mobile phone. If somehow a hacker can take control of the victim’s phone, then he will be able to take control of the Facebook ID of that person. Nowadays there are many mobile spying software which can monitor cell phone. Hackers can hack your mobile phone using this.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From These Attacks?

Use a good and reputable mobile security for your mobile. Never install application from any unknown source.  If you see any unnecessary apps installed on your phone, then uninstall it.


7.) DNS Spoofing:

Hackers can change the original Facebook page through DNS Spoofing attack. If victim and hacker use internet through the same network and victim type, then he will be redirected to the hacker’s phishing page.

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How Can You Protect Yourself?

Try to protect yourself from cache poisoning as much as possible. Search the internet and you will get a lot of information about it. Manage your DNS servers carefully. Always try to stay updated. Always try to update your router.

8.) USB Hacking:

If the hacker has the opportunity to use your computer sitting in front of it (physical access), then he can easily see all the saved password of your browser by connecting a USB device (which was programmed before) with your computer.

How To Keep Yourself Protected?

Connect only trusted USB device with your computer. Do not use second hand USB device. Scan the USB device after plugging it in.

9.) Man In The Middle Attack:

LAN is switch based network. If hacker and victim use internet under the same LAN and the victim request to go to, then the hacker can redirect the request to a phishing page or he can establish himself as default gateway and hack victim’s account by capturing all the traffic sent to client server from victim’s computer.

How To Keep Yourself Protected From This Attack?

Always use VPN service. Use internet through proxy server. Use the antivirus software that provides complete protection to your firewall.

10.) Botnet:

Usage of botnet is not noticed in Facebook account hacking because a lot of hard work and cost is required to set up the botnet. More advance forms of hacking are run through botnet. Botnet is a collection of hacked computers. Hacker can do various types of attack through the hacked computer under him using botnet. Hackers shut down major web servers with this. Hacker does his work through hacked computers and the victim does not realize that he is hacked. Spyeye and Zeus are two of the most popular botnets.

How To Protect Yourself From Botnet?

Always use updated software. Always use hard passwords and keep your password secret. Try to do your work without closing the firewall. Use the flash drive carefully.

11.) Social Engineering:

It is a very simple hacking method. After gathering some information of the victim, hackers use this without any kind of programming. Suppose you are using your mobile number as password and if hacker collect your mobile number and try to login your account with that password, then he will be successful and will be able to take control of your account. Nowadays date of birth is playing an important role for verification in online. If a hacker wants to hack an account and he needs the birth date of the victim, then he will try to collect the birth date of that victim.

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How To Protect Yourself?

Try not to send your own personal information through email, chat, message and mobile. Do not enter in unknown suspicious website.

12.) Hacking The Email ID:

If hackers take control of your email ID, then you can be 100% sure that he will be able to hack your Facebook ID easily. He can do this by manually resetting the password.

How To Protect Yourself From It?

Turn on the two step verification of your email. Use hard and strong password for your email. Do not enter your email password on unnecessary website and do not use same password in many websites.

13.) Watching Masked Password:

If you accept your browser to save email and password for any website, then anyone can see your masked password who has idea about web development. If he put your ID in the email box, then the password will be automatically loaded. Experienced person can see your password by turning the sign of password into text through inspect element.

How Can You Protect Yourself From It?

Do not save passwords in the browser. Do not leave the login page open in front of anyone if your password is saved in the browser.

14.) Wi-Fi Network Hacking:

You will see a lot of online tutorials about Wi-Fi hacking. If you are a router user and your router has an easy password or if you have not changed the password, then hacker will be able to hijack all of your traffic by hacking your Wi-Fi network which will help the hacker to hack your Facebook account.
How to keep yourself safe:

Do not access your account from public and free Wi-Fi. If you use public Wi-Fi, then use through VPN. Change your Wi-Fi network on a regular basis.

15.) Leave The Account By Logging Out:

It may be a useless thing to many people but those people understand the sufferings who forgot to logout and suffered. They understand when some wasteful messages are sent to his friends and they face a shameful situation.

How Can You Keep Yourself Safe?

Always try to logout when you are done if other persons have the access to your computer.

Most hackers hack Facebook account through the methods described above. If you want to stay safe, then be aware of these issues and follow the steps to protect yourself. If you like the article, then share it for the benefit of others. Thanks for reading this article using your valuable time. I hope this article will help many of you.

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