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Effective Ways To Revive Social Media Campaigns Gone Stale

We are living in a digital age where social media proves to be an essential tool for marketing. It is an ever-evolving platform which is not static, it grows and grooms every day. The strategies that once worked for your campaign won’t work the same way due to the competitive nature of it. Therefore, we need to move past the old ways of audience engagement and look up to the on-going social media trends. Hence, here are a few ways to revamp the social media campaigns that have gone stale.


Polling is a very engaging way; it can get your audience involved with your campaign. Today, on many social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can ask questions and receive prompt responses from the followers. With Polls, you can get a good insight into what people are looking forward to or what they really want from you. For example, you can ask what kind of content they most admire and you can give them options to choose from. Which would help you in designing any further content or campaign. The cherry on the top, you can set poll results public so that people can see which response got higher or lower ranking.

Go Big On Social Media:

For gogying big, we need to move past the old ways of scheduled content and engagement and do something different by applying some out of the box ideas. Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Initiated by ALS which went viral in 2014 and was a huge success. In this campaign, the ALS Association asked people to pour cold ice water over themselves and post a video. All was done in an effort to raise awareness and money for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS raised more than $220 million worldwide to fight with the disease.
Another example can be taken from The Deadpool movie promotions which was a huge success, and their social media campaign was certainly a noteworthy contributing variable. The web was thick with Deadpool humor for months leading up to the release, regardless of whether the joke trailer, click-bait headlines to spread the cheekiness, personalized emojis, or any of the myriad others. So, design a plan that is unique and would be sure to make a splash.

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Post Videos:

Videos are surely the most captivating medium for today’s generation. Most of the videos are consumed on social media without volume. So, keep this point in mind when you are creating content. Make sure captions are defining and catchy. In addition, all these social platforms now support auto-play feature which will play the first three seconds of your video automatically. So, try to make use of these 3-seconds the most. Incorporate the fun filled videos that people find interesting and may share. Look at the Starbucks holiday campaign which became a huge online success. Other than creating videos, Live videos can also be utilized greatly. It is a feature that gives live-streaming video capabilities to users you can start broadcasting video live from your smartphone and any user or follower can tune in to the broadcast. Live videos are an excellent way to revive your campaign’s content.


Offer Giveaways:

Giveaways or Contests are another smart way to revive any campaign that has gone stale. You can utilize them as a way to make noise on social media as well as getting long-term customers. Giveaways are contests on social media which ask questions or give certain instructions to follow. In return, you win exciting gifts. It is a great measure which can refresh your campaign, bring brand awareness while increasing engagement on Facebook or any other social platforms.

Follow The On-Going Trends:

Social listening represents the method of checking social media channels for mentions of your brand, competitors, products, and any other thoughts or topics that are significant to your business. So, keep an eye on the social listening. Check if they relate to any part of your campaign and take part. Scroll through your photo albums and find images relating to the trending hashtags and post them. Also, Update statuses using those hashtags. Try employing hashtags like #TBT #FlashbackFriday in your posts to become a part of everyday trends and be in the eyes of the audiences.

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Ask Questions From Your Audience:

A great way to grab the attention of the followers is by asking questions. Any question as simple and quick as a caption, a status or a tweet. Make sure that your questions are relevant to your target audience and your brand’s persona. Keep your questions optimized for each platform you decide to use. It an engaging way which captures the interest of the audience and makes them an active part of the campaign. Hence, aids in reviving the audience of your campaign.

Create Memes:

No matter what anybody has to say. But If memes business is done the right way, it can get massive amount of attention and bring multiple shares of the post. Memes are created for highlighting a mutual consent or sentiment (like excitement, like/dislike) for an event. Many applications are designed which can turn a picture into a meme or you can also create it yourself. So, create memes use your own campaign’s or brand’s photos to keep it personal to your brand and grab audience’s attention through it.

Change The Outlook:

Agree or Disagree, the outlook of anything catches the first sight. Your Facebook’s profile should be eye catchy! So, when was the last time did you change the profile picture and cover of your social media accounts? It is indeed the first thing that catches the attention. So, update the graphics and color layout of your page and give your brand presence a refreshed look. You don’t need to put lots of colors and high graphic but your page’s outlook could be as simple and captivating as Sweet Green’s Facebook page.Final Words:

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Go through the social media platforms of your competitors and see what they are up to. Analyze their outcomes and develop strategies that are effective for your social media campaign. Any social media campaign that is set in a routine runs the risk of becoming stale. Avoid the risk and follow these tips to refresh to your social media campaign.

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