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Avoid These 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes

There are over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users in the world, and this number keeps on increasing every year. Within this crowd is a large potential customer base, that’s why companies are utilizing Facebook as one of their main communication channels. It’s something everyone is using, be it a large corporation or a small local business.

There is no doubt that Facebook is one powerful marketing tool, but it’s a double-edged weapon. You should know how to use this platform to your advantage because it can take your brand to the next level, or be the reason behind its downfall. Here are five common mistakes you should avoid when using Facebook in marketing your business.

1.) Using A Profile Instead Of A Page:

Companies which still use Facebook profiles instead of pages are missing out on many marketing opportunities. Personal profiles don’t have analytical tools, which are helpful in assessing campaign strategies. When using personal profiles, you also need to send friend requests instead of simply asking people to like your Page, which could be difficult and invasive.

A Facebook page is like a business card, so make sure to create an impactful first impression. When setting up your page, fill out as many fields as possible. This may seem easy, but it’s usually overlooked. Provide much useful information, such as opening hours, address, and contact details, and most importantly, share what your brand is all about.

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2.) Posting The Wrong Content:

Content is king in the social media realm. Always post high-quality content because this is the backbone of a successful campaign. Here are some guidelines on what to avoid when posting on Facebook:

  • Don’t be too wordy. The News Feed swiftly flies by with a swipe of the thumb and the ever decreasing attention span of Facebook users. If you post too much text, people will most likely not read your content. Write shorter posts and limit the text to around 140 characters, just like Twitter text. Take note that posts with less than 250 characters receive 60% more likes on average.
  • Don’t be boring. Remember that you are constantly vying for the attention of your Facebook fans, 65% of which are visual learners. Post content that is not only attractive but also relevant and helpful. Be visual through the use of pictures, videos, and infographics to receive more engagement.
  • Don’t sell too much. Facebook is not a bulletin board. Customers hate pages with an overload of obvious sales pitches. Being too selly will not only get you ignored, it will lose you the followers you have worked hard for. Don’t forget that Facebook is “social”, that’s why it should not be all about your business – it should be about your customers, too.


3.) Posting At The Wrong Time:

A lot of marketers forget that Facebook users are not online 24/7. Most of them have day jobs and can’t possibly be on Facebook all day. Generally, posting in the early morning or in the evening is more effective than posting during office hours. Aside from the right hour, also consider the day of the week. Some days may gain more interaction, such as Fridays, weekends, or holidays.

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You should also determine the frequency of your posting. Don’t spam, but don’t also hush. You may get a bad reputation if you post too much, and get ignored when you don’t post any. Be consistent by planning a regular schedule for your Facebook posts.

4.) Forgetting To Use Facebook Insights:

Just like any other marketing campaign, you must analyze whether your use of Facebook as a communications platform is both effective and efficient. This is made easy through the use of Facebook Insights, a user-friendly tool which provides free and accessible data on the results of your Facebook campaigns. Here are some points you need to consider when assessing your performance on Facebook:

  • Don’t forget to analyze the quality of your followers. From which demographic do your fans come from? How often do your fans engage? Are their reactions to your posts positive? Are they sharing the brand experience they had with your brand?
  • Don’t forget to assess the popularity of your posts. Which posts had the most likes and comments? Which of your posts is the most shared? Is it a photo of your product, an announcement from your company, or perhaps a meme?
  • Don’t forget to set your Facebook KPIs. Are you aiming for engagement or reach? How many of your fans are interested in your products or services? How many of them have actually bought from you?
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By considering these factors, it is easier for you to identify which details are useful for your brand. Remember that engagement may lead to brand conversion, which may lead to a positive buying decision.

5.) Not Being A Person:

The last thing you want is to become a faceless corporation on Facebook. Facebook is all about people, so don’t be a robot in this very social, interactive platform. When responding to your fans’ comments, reply personally. When addressing negative feedback, make the customer feel that you are listening. Start a dialogue and not a monologue. Participate in the conversation so that you can build valuable relationships with your customers.

Divine FosterAbout the Author:Divine Foster is a content writer of BuyRealMarketing and She written this article to create content that’s vibrant, refreshing to read and that inspires readers to take action. She is a great marketer have immense empathy and highly skilled writer and a pleasure to work with.

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